Facts of Being a Friendly Parent to Your Kids


Quite a number of people argue that “your child is not your friend”. They feel that friendly parenting breeds contempt and disobedience among kids. However, research has come up with a notion that being friendly to your children is associated with health benefits.

How Does Being Friendly with Your Kids Impact their Lives?

Friendship between a parent and a child differs among individuals. Some parents find it wise to disclose everything they go through to their children. Others choose to disclose to their children only what benefits them. These two types of parents are both friendly to their children. The following are facts associated with being a friendly parent to your kids:

1) It Breeds Confidence among Kids

Facts of Being a Friendly Parent to Your KidsKids who are brought up by friendly parents grow up to be more confident than their counterparts who are brought up in by unfriendly parents. Such kids share experiences with their parents.

As a result, they learn more about life in social, economic, political, spiritual, and emotional dimension. As they share experiences and tasks with parents, they become confident and able to face different challenges in life.

2) Healthy for Cognitive and Physical Development

Being friendly to your kids introduces channels for interactions in play, performing different tasks, and doing house chores. This interaction enhances healthy development among kids as they learn more from their parents.

Kids can be able to develop their cognitive skills by witnessing their parents perform a task. At the same time. kids are able to develop physically as they engage in different tasks and games between them and their parents.

3) Provides Emotional and Psychological Support

Facts of Being a Friendly Parent to Your KidsA study done by Miller in 2002 among African-American adolescents proved that kids who have a friendlier relationship with their parents are more stable emotionally and psychologically kids too have difficult life experiences and challenges. Therefore, they need regular emotional and psychological support from their parents. This can improve their performance in schools and in other life positions.

4) Improves Kids’ Eating Habits

Friendliness is important for a good appetite. Mostly, children who are reared by scolding and commanding parents do not like eating. They are associated with missing meals especially breakfast and supper. On the other hand, kids reared by friendly parents usually enjoy eating together with their parents.

This makes them to enjoy eating and staying with their parents. Being in a friendly moment with your kids eliminates emotional, social, and psychological pressures. This allows the brain and the body of a child to settle and function well as a result, a kid can enjoy all his/her meals.

5) Good for Building Trust and Companionship

When kids spend friendly moments with their parents, they develop trust and a feeling of companionship. This also applies to the parents. Both a child and a parent can confide to each other after a series of friendly relations. Girls usually like being close to their mothers while boys do the same to their fathers. Such a feeling is essential for internal feeling of belonging and security among kids.


Being friendly to your kids enhances them to grow and develop in social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. However, parents should avoid being too friendly and permissive to their kids. This can lead to familiarity challenges during instances where parents should engage as therapists to their children. At the same time, where parents disclose more about family life and challenges, children can develop stress and fear about life as they grow.