Don’t Disturb Your Toddler’s Sleep With Home Improvement Projects


Quiet air compressors are recommended for little or no disturbance to toddlers’ sleep. Many people have a notion that loud air compressors are more efficient and effective. However, different manufacturers have come up with quiet air compressors which are still effective.

How does a Quiet Air Compressors work to Limit Disturbances in Toddler’s Sleep?

Don't Disturb Your Toddler's SleepNowadays, air compressors have been designed to emit less noise than before. They have noise reduction technologies which prevent emission of noise inside a room. Before you buy and install an air compressor, you may need to check its features and functionality in order to ascertain that it is quiet.

1. Check the Decibel Numbers

The decibel numbers in an air compressors states whether an air conditioner is noisy or cool. The lesser the number of decibels indicated on an air compressor, the lesser the noise emitted. You may preferably choose an air compressor ranging from 80 decibels and below.

Such an air compressor is quiet and it also functions effectively. It can also be fitted in a room near where your toddler sleeps without causing disturbing noise.

2. Check the Number of Pistons in an Air Compressor

California Air Tools recommends two pistons to be fitted in an air compressor. Previously, manufacturers used to fit a single piston in an air compressor. Single piston functioning is associated with pressure and congestion of air. This produces a lot of noise.

With two pistons, air that enters the compressor is compressed twice rather than once. This ensures a quicker process and a faster delivery of compressed air into the storage tank. As a result, noise emission is reduced. You should use such an quiet air compressor to minimize the noise in the room where your toddler is sleeping.

3. Check the Noise Rating in an Air Compressor

Normally, noise rating is determined using the decibel numbers. Air compressors ranging from 80dB and above are associated with high noise. Those ranging from 80dB are less usually cool and quiet.

Also, check the number of pistons, the size of the air hose connecting to tank, and the size of the storage tank. Large air hose as well as storage tank are associated with enough room for passage and storage of compressed air. This assures you that an air compressor will be quiet.

4. Choose an Air Compressor which has Noise Reducing Features

Don't Disturb Your Toddler's SleepSome cheaper air conditioners are relatively quiet but not silent. Thus, they may produce a disturbing sound especially at night when everything else is quiet. In this light, some manufacturers have opted to fit some features in order to reduce the amount of noise emitted.

Features such as compressor sound blankets and sound barriers are effective in reducing the noise emitted by air compressors. They are fitted by manufacturers on different parts of the machine. This makes them suitable for rooms where toddlers usually sleep.


Air compressors are known to be loud and the main cause of noise in a room. In this light, many people dislike using them as a result of the discomfort caused. Being exposed to noise for 8 hours and above can have an adverse effect on your toddler or yourself. Therefore, be sure to use a quiet air compressor in order to guarantee your toddler a peaceful sleep.