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Beneficial Facts of Healthy Breakfast for School Kids


Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. It is the best way through which kids can prepare themselves for the forthcoming day full of physical and mental engagements. Research shows that breakfast is the main source of a healthy and positive brain functioning as well as high energy level in the body during the day.

What Are the Beneficial Facts Associated with Breakfast for School Kids?

Several types of foods are widely used for breakfast. These mainly include: proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers as well as minerals and vitamins. There are numerous facts associated with giving your kids enough and healthy breakfast before they leave for school. These include the following:

1) Better Behavior among Kids

Beneficial Facts of Healthy Breakfast for School KidsAfter waking up in the morning, kids normally have empty stomachs. Attending school in such a condition may cause a different behavior among them. For instance, kids who missed breakfast are associated with restlessness, aggressiveness, irritability, and tiresomeness.

Such behavior is resulted by low energy among the kids. Those kids who take breakfast every morning have more energy in the body and healthier brain. This improves their attitude and behavior response.

2) Better Performance in Tests

Kids who take breakfast regularly perform better in class. They have healthy and energized brain which is ready to take tests. Breakfast boosts the level of energy in the body and in the brain. Thus, kids can be able to remember what they learnt and also seat for their tests comfortably with energy.

A research by Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine proved that kids are associated with better performance in mathematics tests as compared to those who missed breakfast. Therefore, complete and healthy breakfast is important for a better performance in examinations.

3) Essential Nutrients Intake

Beneficial Facts of Healthy Breakfast for School KidsHealthy and complete breakfast comprises of several food types. These include: fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins. Many parents prefers giving their kids vitamins such as Vitamin C, B, and A. These vitamins are essential for general health of the body, proper vision, and improved brain functioning.

Other food types included in breakfast supplies kids with nutrients such as folic acid, fiber, and fatty acids which are needed in the body for growth and development. Carbohydrates provides energy which is essential for kids’ physical activities in the school

4) Breakfast for Healthy Metabolism

By taking breakfast, kids keep their bodies in a continuous process of metabolism. The presence of food in the stomach triggers digestion, absorption, and transportation of food substances all over the body.

In the cells, absorbed food substances sustain metabolism as a constant and non-ending process. Metabolism is essential for the energy production in the body. At the same time, it helps in burning and eliminating fats in the body. This is essential in control of weight and obesity among kids.

5) Better School Attendance for Kids

Kids who take breakfast are associated with healthier and more active bodies. They do not easily contract diseases and conditions associated with nutrition. At the same time, they develop a normal habit of keeping and scheduling their time every day. Thus, children who are used to taking breakfast normally attend school with fewer or no absence cases.


Breakfast makes up for the most necessary meal for a kid. It is your duty as a parent to instill the habit of regularly taking breakfast among your kids. At the same time, be sure to make their breakfast complete through inclusion of all the necessary nutrients. This will help your kids in their mental and physical development which is essential for learning.


5 Outdoor Games Boost Your Child’s Bones Health


Throughout the childhood period, the bones of the children keep on growing and differentiating. Research shows that, more of a child bones’ growth and differentiation takes place between birth and puberty period after which it slows down.

Additionally, research has proved that physical activities are necessary for health and fast growing child’s bones. Outdoor games provide the best platform through which physical activities can be achieved by children for proper health of their bones.

Which Games Are Well Suited for Your Child’s Bones Health?

1) Jumping

Outdoor Games Boost Your Child's Bones Health Children like jumping every time they play with their friends or siblings. However, some parents normally find this behavior as risky due to fear of fractures and dislocation of bones. But the truth is jumping is among the best physical activities for healthy bones among children.

You can purchase a trampoline for your children in order to make a platform for them to be safe while jumping. Also, you can buy them a couch which is soft and safe from risks of unnecessary falls. This will encourage your kids to jump safely while playing which is essential for their bones.

2) Running

Outdoor Games Boost Your Child's Bones HealthRunning is involved in different games. However, you can have running as an individual outdoor game. Here, you organize your children to run several laps around an object or in a field. As they run to make up for the laps, they will benefit from running through strengthening their bones.

Running helps by maintaining the structure of the bone and hardening it in order to prevent fractures and dislocation. At the same time, running eliminates lactic acid from the body. Lactic acid may lead to muscle cramps which can also affect the functioning of bones in the body.

3) Skipping

Outdoor Games Boost Your Child's Bones HealthThis outdoor game is common and interesting among many children. All you need to do here is to arrange different objects in a sequence. Ensure that the objects are easy to jump over and free from causing unnecessary falls.

Lead your children into the game in order to show them how to play and how interesting it is. As your children jump and skip these objects, they will exercise their bones intensively. This is essential for strengthening and maintaining the shape of bones.

4) Ball Games

Outdoor Games Boost Your Child's Bones HealthThese games are numerous and almost similar in enhancing proper health for the bones of kids. It will depend with which game your child is interested in. they include: soccer, basketball, netball, hockey, and baseball.

Arrange your children and their friends in teams of equal numbers of members. Show them how to play a certain game. As kids learn to play the game, they will know how to manage themselves and play alone even in your absence. Ball games are important in ensuring that kids run, jump, skip, and spring in an attempt to exercise their bones and make them healthy.

5) Climbing and Walking

Outdoor Games Boost Your Child's Bones HealthThis is recommended for children under 5 years of age. These kids may find running, skipping, or playing ball games impossible and difficult. However, they too need exercise and games to enhance good health for bones.

For a young child who is not walking, you may provide them with an object such as a ball. Show them how to walk and through the ball back and forth. Also, you may show them how to climb on the couch or trampoline. This will help them to strengthen their bones and develop ability to walk easily.


Outdoor games are necessary for healthy bones among kids. Parents should encourage their children to play outdoor games. In this light, parents should control and heavily discourage indoor games such as computer games. This will make children active and their bones healthy.