Bitter Facts Behind a Disobedient Child


At times, parents are faced with difficulties while dealing with some of their children. When it comes to a disobedient child, there is always a reason behind their code of behavior. The most important thing for a parent is to realize why a child is bound to behave in a certain disobedient manner. This helps a parent in knowing how to deal with the child.

How can you learn about the Bitter Facts behind Disobedient Child?

Mostly, disobedience of a child is associated with a couple of facts. These facts are directly connected to what a child goes through in daily life. At the same time, they are related to the experiences that a child has passed through previously in life.

1) Such a Child is always Acting to Seek Attention

Bitter Facts Behind a Disobedient Child

Disobedient children have a tendency of demanding attention to the parents, guardians, and also siblings. They usually behave in an awkward and a disobedient manner in order to create an instance where they will be given time.

Failure to give them attention may fuel them to do more nasty behaviors in order to irritate you more. However, giving them attention is not the most important thing to do. A parent should ensure that his/her child is always involved in studies or play. Through this, a parent can reduce instances where children necessarily feel that they should be given time.

2) Not Suited to Your Parenting Style

Too much child beating may cause disobedience instead of obedience. Some parents like beating their children in order to curb bad and unattractive behaviors. However. this may lead to series of disobedience among children.

Other parents may be excessively permissive. Such parents do not discipline their children through beating or imposing regulations. As a result, children respond by being disobedient. This is usually an abuse of the excessive freedom allowed by parents.

3) Unhappy with the Situation at Home

Bitter Facts Behind a Disobedient Child

Children normally behave according to the situation at home. They also like discussing about what happens at homes with their friends. Research shows that children from homes which are always associated with quarrels between parents or siblings tend to display a disobedient and a defiant behavior.

Home environment is very crucial for the eventual behavior of a child. Mostly, where quarrels are frequent, children receive less care and attention. This creates a gap of difference between them and their parents. As a result. they eventually find no need to obey their parents.

4) Associated with Conduct Disorders

Bitter Facts Behind a Disobedient Child

A research by American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) proved that conduct disorders usually translate into high levels of disobedience among children. Conduct disorder may be as a result of brain damage, abuse, or even genetics.

However, it mostly reflects through disobedience and defiance among children. It is usually associated with aggressiveness, stealing, lying, fights, running away from home, and absence without genuine reasons.

5) Dislikes Commands

Some parents are used to addressing their children using conflicting, confusing, intimidating, and hypocritical commands. Words like, ‘close your mouth” or “nonsense’ tend to hurt children deeply. This may cause them to disobey you and to dislike your commands.


Child disobedience is usually attributed parenting style employed by a parent. Parents should employ the authoritative parenting style which is associated with checked levels of regulations and permissions. At the same time. parents should treat their children with love, care, and attention. This will prevent any cases of disobedience and defiance among children.