Was There Life On The Moon?

Photo Source: NASA (Some photos have been cropped and/or enhanced for better viewing)

By now, most of us know that there are a lot of people who think that the Cydonia region of Mars contains ruins. That is the region that contains the great face. When NASA denied the existence of a face created by intelligent beings and showed so called proof in the form of new pictures most people didn't believe it was an accurate picture because it only contained 16 shades of gray out of 256 so most of the picture data was left out. The conclusion is that Mars is worth exploring in the Cydonia region to see if indeed there are ruins there and not just rocks and shadows that present themselves like ruins.

But what about the Moon, that orb that circles the Earth and has no atmosphere? There are some people that believe that the Moon contained life at one time and that life left ruins to prove it. Richard C. Hoagland believes there is a evidence of an ancient civilization on the Moon. How did he come to this conclusion? He studied NASA pictures of the Moon for over two years. So sure is he of his conclusion that on June 2, 1994 he presented the results of his study at Ohio University. Does everyone agree with him, of course not, but his evidence is intriguing.

There are many NASA photographs available of the Moon. While looking through them I found some interesting anomalies. Here are some of the more interesting photographs I found.




Are there pyramids on the moon? It would seem so. Photograph 1 is from NASA and it number is GPN-2000-001485. It is completely unaltered and is presented the way it was on their site except it is smaller to fit this page. The pyramid is in the lower right hand side of the picture. If you click on the picture you will get a larger version and the pyramid will be clearer. Photograph 2 shows the pyramid larger. It was cropped from picture 1 and enlarged. Photograph 3 shows the pyramid again but the picture is a negative, this brings some details out more.

The above picture does not enlarge and it was cropped from Photograph 1. Note the strange looking objects in the picture. This photograph is at the limit of its resolution so I couldn't put a larger version on the page.

Hogland has put together many photographs of strange objects both on the Moon and Mars. Most of these photographs come from NASA itself. So there is a burning question here, why didn't NASA try and get better views of the objects? I mean, if these objects turn out not to exist so what? The important thing is that we examine the areas more thoroughly and see what is really there. But if NASA already knows about these objects and doesn't believe we are ready for the truth, wouldn't they stone wall us? Could that be what is going on here? Maybe.

The above photograph (AS10-32-4820) shows what looks like a ruin near the crater Ukert. Since there is no atmosphere on the moon these ruins would have been subject to bombardments by meteors that could have been any size including the size of grains of sand. Notice the square shape as if the sides were walls at one time. A very strange artifact indeed.


The photograph on the left is the full picture from NASA A12_h_50_7431. The photograph on the right is an enlargement of the structure in the center of the crater. Notice how strange it looks. Do you see ruined walls and a partial roof? See how there is something protruding on the left and right and it casts shadows on the ground.





Photograph 8 is the NASA photo (A15_m_1541) reduced in size to fit this page. If you look at the crater to the extreme right that is above another crater you will see that there is something in the center. Photograph 9 shows a very very rectangular structure in the center, it seems to be on edge like a building. Click on the photo to see the enlargement. Photograph 10 is the same photo as photograph 9 but it is the negative version and brings out the structure better.




Photograph 11 is the original NASA photo (A15_m_260) reduced in size to fit the page. Photograph 12 is a cropped part of the photo taken from below the crater and enlarged. Photograph 13 is photograph 12 with the building outlined.

The photograph on the left is NASA a16_m_0692. It is the original photo from their website, it has not been altered except to make it smaller to fit on this site. The picture on the right is cropped from it and shows the area at the bottom left of the crater. Click on the picture for a larger view. Could this have been some sort of building complex or the remains of a city? Take special notice of the straight lines that seem like walls It would be very had if possible to find these shapes in nature. Everything is just so square.

Again the photograph on the left is from NASA A16_m_0989. It is the original photo from their website, it has not been altered except to make it smaller to fit on this site. The photograph on the right is a cropped portion of this picture and shows a face. So it seems the moon has its own faces also. I say faces because I don't know how many could be found.

On the left is NASA photograph A16_m_2995. It is the original photo from their website, it has not been altered except to make it smaller to fit on this site. On the right is a portion of the photograph I cropped. Notice the cat face.

As I said previously these ruins, if that is what they are and all indications seem to support this, are very ancient. Being ancient they have been subjected to the elements of space since the moon has no atmosphere. Because of this they are in different states of decay. They seem to be huge in size but this may be because we can't see the smaller ones yet. Could it have been that at one time the moon had an atmosphere and we are unaware of it? Some scientists think so because of the lack of micro craters on the Moon's surface.

Could we have come from the Moon?

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