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Scuba Diver
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How many times have we heard about strange things being seen in the sky. It happens every day, or nearly every day. There is another interesting area where strange things have been sighted and that is under the water. There is not much talk about this, so I don't expect too many people to be familiar with this. Divers have seen what they described as alien objects and even aliens themselves. Submarines have detected objects streaking by them far faster than any object made on this planet and sometimes, though rarely, the object that streaked by was seen leaving the water and heading out into space. If we had more vessels under the water, I am sure that we would see much more. The oceans are huge, and the number of submarines in the world is probably somewhere around 2,500 of which less than 500 are nuclear. When you consider the amount of submarines to the enormous size of the oceans of the world, it is almost a miracle that we see anything.

When we think of divers and submarines spotting alien objects under the water, one of the very first cases that comes to most people's mind is the sighting that occurred on October 4, 1967 at Shag Harbor in Nova Scotia in Canada. A UFO had been seen crashing into the water and then a second one came down and also went into the water, presumably to help the first one which displayed a plume. American divers came to the scene and it is believe submarines. It was known that a Soviet submarine was in the area. Divers reported seeing a strange craft under the water and at least one was frightened by what he saw, which was described as an alien. Could aliens have gone outside their ship to make repairs? Why not, we do this all the time in space. How many times have we had to do a space walk to repair a part on the space telescope or the space station? The sight of an alien upset the diver that saw it very much.

UFO On Water

Representation Of USO Partially Under Water
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Much of what happens underwater we never hear about. The reason for that is that the info is usually obtained by the military and the military is not famous for releasing information. If you look at the correct coordinates on Google Earth you will see underwater USOs which are UFOs under water at several locations. I have included the link below:


Below is the link for a UFO crashing into the water:


In 1982 the Russians were conducting underwater swimming and diving tests. The divers were from the Turkestan and Central Asian military regions. The tests were being conducted at the Issik Kul Lake, which is a very deep water lake in the Transillysk Ala Tau area. A very high ranking officer showed up unexpectedly. He was the general in charge of the Military Diver Service. Guess what he wanted? He was there to inform the officers of an event that had taken place. It seems that a training mission had taken place in the Trans-Baikai and West Siberian military regions. During the training that was taking place there, mysterious underwater swimmers were spotted. They looked human but were about 10 feet tall. They were dressed in silvery suits and were in freezing water. Here is an even more amazing fact, they were swimming at a dept of about 170 feet and had no equipment of any kind, except for helmets. A group of Russian swimmers tried to capture one of these beings. When they got close an unknown force shot them up to the surface. This caused the Russian swimmers to need decompression, but the Russian had only one chamber available that worked and it only held two people. Four people were forced into the chamber and three died. It turned out the that Russian military had reports of these types of sightings in many different deep water lakes.

UFO Over Water

UFO Over Water
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Russian submarines have reported for years that they were picking up strange sonar targets. Vehicles actually chased Russian subs and toyed with them chasing them and then speeding past.

It is being said that the U.S. has determined that there are at least 1,000 USOs (UFOs under the water) in the world's oceans and the numbers are increasing. Some investigators are stating the the U.S. military has been secretly put on alert and told to watch out for these craft. It is believed that the reason that the numbers are ever increasing, some say, because they believe that it could be an invasion, but when you think about it rationally, why even bother to come down to do that when you could just destroy us from space? No, we seem to be of some interest to aliens, although I do not know exactly what there interest is based on. Here is what one investigator has stated, “Over the past three decades, we’ve had such sightings from time to time. But the vast increase in reports over the last few months indicates we may now be dealing with a major alien invasion.” He is talking about underwater UFOs or USOs.

One thing that always made we wonder, is why we assume that aliens would be land creatures, when we can see that even much of our own planet is covered by water. We could even have a separate race living down in the depths and we wouldn't know it. Perhaps what we think of as aliens are really from Earth and the only difference between us and them, is that they live in the water and are more advanced than we are. If anyone wants to comment on this view please do by using our discussion group on Facebook.

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