Were The Sumerians In Contact With Aliens?

Who were the Sumerians and why do some people believe that they were special? First of all the Sumerians are said to be the first race to have a written language. This goes back as far as 4,000 B.C. They predate the ancient Egyptians and they also constructed huge structures. They were Ziggurat builders and they built the one at Ur, which was a Sumerian city state near the mouth of the Euphrates river on the Persian Gulf. This article is not so much about the historical significance of Sumeria, but more about the strange things that seem to tie into Sumerian culture. One of these strange things is the fact that there have been some recordings made, on tape, of supposed aliens talking in some strange language while abducting people and this language was later determined to be the dead language of Sumerian and no language is deader than that one. That raises a question and that question is, if the tapes of abductions are genuine and the language being spoken on them by aliens is Sumerian, did the aliens teach the language to us and was this their native language? Could this be how we learned to have a written language?

Let's start with the fact that the Sumerians had a vast knowledge of the solar system and yet they were not known to have any optical magnifying instruments such as a telescope. When we launched Voyager 2, it made its way through the solar system taking pictures of different planets including Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. It looks like we were not the first to get much of this data. It seems that the ancient Sumerians had it and recorded it in ancient writings over 6,000 years ago. How was this possible? This is a very hard question to answer. The basic concepts of astronomy were first invented by the Sumerians. These amazing people created cylinders similar to plates used in printing, but these were used to roll over blank clay tablets. It was a sort of mass production of data.

An amazing discovery was found and that was one of the cylinders I was talking about. It was actually found in a museum in West Berlin. Carved into it for reproduction were things like a plow, but even more amazingly it had the sun carved into it, the moon and 12 planets. Even more astounding, if anything else can be, was the fact that there were descriptions and Uranus was described as bright green and it is blue green. It is also believed that another description indicates that hot semi-liquid exists on Neptune and this is exactly what was discovered by Voyager. Voyager discovered that Neptune had a hot semi-liquid core and plenty of water. The reason that it is believed that the Sumerians knew this is that they described it as a marsh planet.

How could Sumerians know any of this? There is a theory by some that states that aliens had contact with the Sumerians and they they taught them about the solar system and showed them pictures of the planets and moons and explained to them what they were composed of. Does this sound far out? You would have to say yes to that question, we all would. We can't even prove that aliens exist, except for the ones that keep climbing our fences between Mexico and Texas. Even the skeptics have to admit that there is something strange about the Sumerian culture. They just seemed to know too much about some things. One scientist when asked if it were possible that the Sumerians had been visited by aliens replied with one word, “rubbish”, but offered no explanation for their knowledge.

Another question relating to aliens and Sumerians has come up. Some of the Sumerian art shows strange looking creatures in it. Some wonder if any of these creatures might be a representation of the aliens that the Sumerians were supposedly in contact with? There is another point that some feel is valid and that is that the aliens might have taken some of the Sumerians for a ride through the solar system in one or more of their ships. Let's suppose that aliens did meet the Sumerians. They would have met an intelligent people that were still primitive in their development. Maybe they thought that if they took them into space and showed them the solar system and maybe even more, it might hasten our development?

The following photos of Sumerian carvings and impressions are all believed to be in the Public Domain. If anyone claims to have rights to anyone of them, notify me and they will be removed.

One art work shows what at first looks like a throne room, but upon closer examination you can see it is not a throne room, but a control room. The two figures on the left are holding levers in their hands and there is a stylized chart of the solar system behind them. The main figure is either flying the ship or holding some sort of control apparatus in his hand. There is something definitely going on in the carving.

Control Room

Is This A Control Room?
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Point 1 is said by a lot of people to be controls for a ship. Others have said that it is really a hoe. The people that feel that these are controls point out that there is a representation of the solar system about the objects (See point 2). Point 3 is believed by some to be an unknown object and others believe it is the same type of hoe that is seen in point 1.


King Meeting With Alien?
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Point 1 is interpreted by some as being a force field that protects the king. Point 2 is unknown but is thought to be related to the heavens. Perhaps it is a star, or a home world. Point 3 is said by many to be an alien. Notice the feet on that figure are different from the humans. He seems to have been captured because a soldier looks like he has a spear in its back. He has a definite bug like appearance, but that could be related to his robe flowing open. The fact that the supposed alien has a weapon turned on him is said to prove that this is not the representation of a god.

Another Alien

Strange Carving That Could Mean Many Things
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Point 1 is said to be a representation of a flying disc by some. Perhaps it could be the vehicle the supposed aliens came it. Others say that it is merely a balcony or shelf. Point 2 is said to be another alien creature. Notice that this one also has a bug like appearance. There are those that say that the carving represents a god. Point 3 seems to have something to do with the universe or solar system. The round objects on the left are said to be planets.

There have been Sumerian seals found that seem to depict rockets in flight, complete with the rocket exhaust. Is this just a coincidence?

Let me surmise what may have been according to some. The ancient Sumerians were agricultural people that got together in a large settlement and formed a city state. They had no written language until aliens came down and taught them what is known today as Sumerian, a dead language. They probably looked upon the aliens as some sort of gods and who could blame them, being a primitive people? The aliens were able to converse with them after they learned the alien language. Then the aliens either taught them about the solar system and maybe even the universe. or they took some of them on their ships and showed them the solar system and planets. After that the Sumerians recorded what they saw. Whether we believe this or not is up to us.

Now for the other side of the coin. Scientists believe that none of the carvings or impressions represent anything more than domestic events. Science can not account for how the Sumerians knew about the distant planets and usually don't talk about that. They state that the carvings and imprints are just stylized representations of events. What we perceive as bug type aliens are just the Sumerian gods according to science.

Well you have to admit there are certainly some unanswered questions with the scientific view as there are with the view depicting aliens.