Mutant Fish

When we dump things like medicine in our water, or pesticides and sometimes even illegal waste, things have to eventually happen. Water is the atmosphere that a lot of animals live in, besides being what we drink to stay alive. We have all seen those cheesy movies that show mutated humans that fell into vats of biological waste and such and we all laughed, but guess what, you don't have to fall into a vat of waste to have something terrible happen to you, all you have to do is ingest some low doses of this stuff and nature will rebel.

Bass Pond

Bass Pond
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In India and Nepal some of the fish are getting very large. When someone dies they are usually burned on a pyre at the beach. Could human bodies be considered contamination? The natives of these areas think so. They have stated that they believe that the reason some of the fish, especially one known as the species of the genus Bagarius, are getting so big is that they are eating the bodies. This species includes such fish as the Crocodile Catfish and Yarelli. The story goes this way, the fish eat the burnt bodies of those that are creamated and this is why they are growing bigger. The burning of bodies does not burn them entirely and thus the fish have acquired a taste for humans. While this is a disturbing thought, it is also being said that the fish are now attacking swimmers and some of them have been pulled down and drowned while being attacked. The fish are known by the common name Goonch and are among the world's biggest freshwater fish. The fish being caught do seem to be getting bigger. The biggest one caught in the last couple of years was over 6 feet long and about 165 pounds.

What is going on in the Potomac River? Large numbers of very strange fish are being reported by the US Geological Survey. They checked the Potomac and found that many fish caught, over half, have male and female traits. Some males were even laying eggs. What is causing this? The fish are being exposed to different chemicals and some of them act like estrogen. Humans are also being exposed to the same chemicals, is this what we have to look forward to? One doctor who has practiced more than twenty years admitted that these chemicals are causing big changes in men and women that he sees every day. One of the things happening is that men who are affected by the estrogen like chemical have a huge risk for developing prostrate cancer. Their chest goes soft and they gain a spare tire. Their energy level gets very low. In women that are exposed, their risk of breast cancer is greatly increased. It makes women feel upset and tired. One question I hate to ask is what happens when you eat these fish?


Salmon - Some Have Both Male And Female Traits
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One of the more disturbing effects of chemicals is what is happening to the bass in Noosa, Australia. It seems that the use of an agricultural chemical that has recently been banned, that is called carbendazmin, has effected these fish. Thousands of bass have been born that have two heads. The lucky part is that they seem to have been born in a fish hatchery. The numbers were incredible. Over 90% of the fish being born had the two heads and they usually died within a couple of days. A macadamia farm is suspected of using the chemical and creating runoff that went into the water. The problem was that the chemical use was not illegal, so a previous investigation that took place was stopped. The water in the fish pond had been tested and the results were negative, which creates even a bigger mystery.


Have you ever heard of Alberta's oil sands? One man who attended a conference on water in the area brought a grotesque fish with him, which he blamed the contamination from the oil sands on. The fish that was brought to the conference had two jaws. An expert stated, “What happens to the wildlife and the fish is eventually what is going to happen to us”. Members of the community around the tar sands have been reporting cases of mutant fish for a while now. A spokesmen from the Alberta government has stated that there is no evidence that the deformity was caused by a contaminant.

Remember Chernobyl? That is where a Russian reactor melted down and released so much radiation that the area around the reactor has become a ghost town. Carp from nearby lakes have show genetic damage. When they were checked only about 10 years later, the blood cells of the fish contained two to three times more DNA than normal Carp. The amount of DNA in each cell varied. Previous tests had been run and they had showed that radiation causes this type of damage.

In Colorado, mutant fish have caused the scientists there to study the sewage plants. Many of the fish had both the traits of males and females and females far outnumbered the males. A retired fish biologist stated, "This is the first thing that I've seen as a scientist that really scared me". A study is being conducted to see if the chemicals from the sewage plant are causing the deformities. Nebraska has some towns that get their drinking water from shallow aquifers near there.

All these deformities in fish are a warning. Tons of medicines are being dumped every day into the sewers of this nation and this is creating a cocktail. This cocktail has unknown properties and these properties are getting into humans. We don't really fully understand what is happening, but we are beginning to see that we are all being affected. Will pregnancy problems increase? They seem to be on the rise. Will the ultimate outcome be that we humans will be changed genetically? I certainly hope not, but that seems to be the way we are headed.

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