What Is Going On In Our Skies?

Chem Trails

Flying Fortresses Make Vapor Trails. Notice The Corkscrew Effect
Photo Source: USAF

What is going on in our skies? Lately there is all sorts of strange things happening over our heads. Some of it is definitely man-made and I am not talking about UFOs. There have been all sorts of claims about strange Chem Trails. Chem Trails are those trails that we see in the sky behind some planes which a lot of people call contrails. There would be nothing so unusual about them, except at times you can see many planes creating a checkerboard pattern over the heads of city and country dwellers. Why are they doing this? Would you send out a fleet of expensive planes just to create a design in the sky and would anyone pay for this and if so, why? Many people have been unnerved by all this activity going on above them. Some think it is part of an experiment and that we are the guinea pigs. There has been a lot of talk on the internet about experimental drugs that might prevent harm in a chemical attack and these people believe that this stuff is being sprayed into the air in such a way as to make sure it covers an area completely, thus the criss crossing effect, or grid.

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Another thing is the very strange clouds that we have been seeing all over the world lately. Science will tell you that these clouds are natural occurrences, but my question is, why are we seeing so many of them lately? If someone told me that earthquakes were just natural occurrences and they are, but there were earthquakes going off all over the world at the same time, I am sure that most of us would be worried, thinking that this was more than a coincidence. The clouds I am talking about have all sorts of shapes, but they look like they just don't belong in the sky. Some are round, some are square. Yes that is correct, square clouds. There are funnel shaped ones that look like a tornado and there are some that look like a star or tic tac toe grid. I have even seen long clouds that look like a spine with vertebrae It is hard to recall such phenomena happening with such frequency. I am not talking about clouds that can be interpreted as being anything by the beholder, I am talking about clouds that look the same to those that look at them.

Chem Trails Over Large Area
Photo Source: NASA

Have you noticed the number of fireballs being reported lately? There seem to be far more being reported than ever before. I wonder if anyone is keeping track of the number of these specific reports? Think about this, most of our world is water and fireballs going into the oceans of the world are probably not seen by anyone. Usually only about 10% of people that see these types of things report them, so you would have to multiply by ten just to get the actual number of fireballs over land that are seen and to that we have to add the amount of fireballs that fell into the ocean. This has to be far more than the amount that fell on land since this planet is mostly ocean. We know that fireballs fall all the time and that is not what I am objecting to, it is the greater number of these occurrences

There are all sort of strange lights that are being sighted in the sky. An example of this might be the Phoenix lights, but there are many others. Sometimes satellites have sunlight glint off of them as they trail across the night sky and this causes a lot of people to wonder what they are seeing. It is true with the advent of so many more satellites that we certainly have to be able to see more lights that took like stars moving across the sky. There are also more aircraft than ever flying at night, but many of the lights that people see do not have the characteristics of satellites or planes. Some move far to fast and navigate by making sharp turns and such. Lights in the sky have been the subject of conversation for hundreds and even thousands of years, but have there ever been as many as we are experiencing now? It doesn't look that way.


Could This Type Of Cloud Be Mistaken For Snake Type Atmospheric Life?
Photo Source: GNU Free Documentation License

Some people think that we have altered our atmosphere by performing too many experiments. They cite things like H.H.A.R.P., built by the government over many acres and said to be used to send signals into the ionosphere. They also claim that there is proof and it is in the Chem Trails, because normal ones are water vapor and disappear in a few seconds, but the ones that they state are not normal hang around for quite a while. The argument is that water vapor could not take this long to dissipate.


Another Type Of Cloud That Could Look Like Life
Photo Source: GNU Free Documentation License

Getting into strange things in the sky a little deeper we have to take into consideration the increasing reports of sky creatures. Yes I know this sounds like a kook's dream, but remember nothing should be taken for granted if we are going to try and find out what is happening. Some people have claimed to have seen a sort of sky serpent flying through the sky. There are even some videos of these things. Some now say that there are creatures that live in the earth's atmosphere and that they are made of fire, or are jelly like. Some credit the ancients with first discovering that life existed in the air and believe that this life is still around today. There are certainly quite a few people around that claim that they have seen these animals.

Lastly some are now saying that there are vortices in our atmosphere that are really wormholes, places of great power, or points where all the magnetic lines of the earth meet. These point were supposedly known about in ancient times and it is said that they were somehow used to assist in the construction of great ancient stone buildings and structures such as the pyramids and some of the Aztec building that were built on mountain tops and more recently the construction of the Coral Castle in Florida.

Could it be that things are going on in our atmosphere that we have no knowledge of? As life proceeds on earth, we keep finding out about things that surprise us. It is almost impossible to eliminate anything without a complete scientific investigation.