Strange And Bizarre Experiments

One thing about humans is that there seems to be no limit on what we find interesting. Sometimes experiments are conducted that seem extremely strange to the rest of us, because we can see no benefit from conducting those particular experiments and yet some scientists believe that there is a benefit . Could it be that they know something about some secret project that is either taking place, or will take place, where the results of what we would think would be a useless experiment will be applied. Here are some experiments that have been conducted in the past and you can determine for yourself if you think that there is any way that we could gain useful knowledge from them. Not all were completely useless, but some seemed to be far more gruesome than they had to be.


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In, 1962 it was decided that an elephant in a city zoo should be dosed with LSD. He was shot up with 297 milligrams, which is a lot of LSD, but he was an elephant after all The dose was so high that it is the largest dose of LSD ever given to a living creature and is about 3,000 more than a typical dose given to a human. This makes me wonder, doses of medicine are usually based on body weight. If a typical man weighs about 150 pounds and the average elephant weighs from four to six tons. If we use the six tons figure for an elephant, that is approximately 80 times the weight of a man, that means to keep the dose the same as for an adult man, it should have been around 80 times as much. Why did they use such a large dose? Anyway they wanted to see if they could induce temporary madness in the elephant. You ask why? That is a great question and I have no answer. The result of the experiment was one dead elephant. Next they mixed the LSD with water and gave it to two more elephants . The elephants made a few odd sounds then returned to normal in about two hours. What did we learn from this? When administering huge doses of LSD to elephants, mix the dose with water.

A scientist in the 1920s decided to investigate facial expressions. He targeted in on one expression in particular, it was of disgust. What the purpose of this was, we will never know. He took a burnt cork and drew on the faces of volunteers. He then had them smell ammonia, look at pornography, or place their hands in a bucket of frogs. Yep this seems very scientific. The last part of the test gave most people a true feeling of disgust. They were asked to cut the heads off of white rats. I wonder if anyone checked this professor to see if he was playing with a full deck?

I don't know how many of you are fans of horror movies? I like the Frankenstein ones myself and the following scientist must have been a fan also. It was 1942 and his experiments all had one goal and that was to bring back the dead. At first he experimented with strangled dogs and he claimed that he was able to bring them back to life. At least he had a purpose behind what he was doing. He would put the corpses on a seesaw, of course, so that their blood would circulate and inject them with adrenalin and anticoagulants. After claiming that all of his animal experiments were successful, he got a condemned prisoner to agree to let the procedure be done on his corpse. At that point the California prison system stepped in and stopped this from happening. They feared that if the prisoner was brought back to life, that they would have to release him. I can understand that, sure.

Kaichi Wakata

Kaichi Wakata
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I have always said that the International Space Station is a colossal waste of money and I think that recent experiments by a Japanese astronaut in 2009 proved this. There seemed to be no meaningful experiments that Japan could think of to do, so they let people submit their ideas. The astronaut, Koichi Wakata carried out these ideas, such as arm wrestling, folding clothes and flying on a carpet. He also floated, waved his arms and did a dance. Let's not forget he threw a ball and tumbled over then for the finale, he used eye drops.

Joseph Mengele was known as the Angel of Death. He would carry out experiments on prisoners in German concentration camps in World War II without regard for their lives , or the massive pain he inflicted upon them. Above all he was ordered to increase the German birth rate by making it possible for more twins to be born. That is Arian twins of course. He carried out his brutal genetic research in the camps, but then left for South America where it is said that he succeeded somewhat.

Why did he do it? Did the Cold War put so much pressure on the then Soviet Union that they were looking for anything to prove that they were still in the game? A scientist named Demikhov was a busy guy. He was busy grafting second heads on dogs bodies. He would attach the the front legs, shoulders and head of a puppy onto the neck of a grown dog. It horrified most who saw it. The Soviet government boasted that this proved who was ahead in science. Demikhov went on to do this to over twenty other dogs. When he was asked why he did this, Demikhov replied that this was part of a group of experiments aimed at creating new surgical techniques for human heart and lung transplants, but this didn't really seem to answer the question of why he did this, for many thought that this type of experiment was unnecessary and yet some did credit him with paving the way. An American doctor, Christiaan Bernard beat him to the heart transplant in 1967.

Dog's Head
Warning, this photo may be disturbing to some. Click above if you want to see it.
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Just as gruesome as the grafting of one dog's head onto another was a different experiment. This one called for keeping a severed dog head alive. In the late 1920s Sergey Bryukhonenko developed a heart and lung machine. The living dog's head was shown to the Third Congress of Physiologists of the USSR. As disgusting as it sounds, he fed the head a piece of cheese and it popped out the other end of the loose esophageal tube. At least this proved his heart and lung machine worked.

I thought about mentioning the Philadelphia Experiment, since it was the most bizarre of all experiments, but there is no way of proving that it actually took place. Yes there certainly has been some weird experiments that were done in the name of science and I am sure that I could probably dig up thousands more. Many of them served no purpose, but some did, but could they have been accomplished in a less grim manner with more regard for the subjects?