Strange Occurrences

Yep, we live in strange times, or is it that we really don’t understand what goes on in the world from time to time? I guess we have all heard about whales and dolphins that beach themselves in some sort of bizarre suicide attempt, that usually either ends with a bunch of us running out to them and trying to get them back into the ocean, or with them dying. It seems that some cattle in the Alps have also decided to end it all. What do they know that we don’t? In three days in August of this year, 2009, 28 cattle have thrown themselves off of cliffs. There will be no rescuing these animals as the plunged hundred of yards to instant death. They did have to be removed by helicopter however, so that the ground water would not get contaminated. It has been stated that cattle roaming on high peaks in the Alps, are quite common as the farmers allow them to do this because they are looking for grass. Scientists have said that these animals would never commit suicide and are incapable of it. Some think that maybe lighting and thunder spooked them, but this does not explain why this has not been a regular event in the past, if this were true.

Morning Glory Clouds

Morning Glory Clouds
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There is a type of a cloud that has been appearing, that really defies explanation. It is tubular and can be as long as 600 miles. These clouds are called Morning Glory clouds and can be found all over parts of Australia. They can also be found in other places in the world where they are known as Roll clouds which are shorter. The Morning Glory type clouds are the ones capable of being the longest and they are the rarest. The Morning Glory clouds can be well over a mile high and can move at a top speed of almost 40 miles per hour. These clouds have been studied extensively and yet, they are not understood.

The crew of a mission to Mars has been picked. No it is NOT a human crew and the most notable passenger will be Conan the Bacterium. In the crew will be specimens of thale cess and brewer’s yeast, along with the microbe known as Conan the Bacterium. Several other microbes will also take the trip, which is to be flown on a Russian robot spacecraft that is supposed to return to Earth in 2012. The idea is to see if living organisms can survive for long periods of time in space. The scientists want to know this because it might mean that life could have traveled here through space. A scientist stated that, "Some scientists believe the solar system's first living organisms may have originally evolved on Mars and were then blasted to Earth on debris that was thrown into space when meteorites crashed on to Mars," This mission is actually aimed at Phobos, a moon of Mars and is scheduled to land there. It is supposed to collect soil samples from Phobos and then blast off again and head back to earth. Do I like the idea of sending bacteria of any kind to another planet? No, but then I am not in charge of the mission.


Face From Floor Of Bélmez House
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What is going on in that house in Bélmez, Spain? The house is just a private house, but is unlike any other private house in the world. What makes this house so different you say? Maybe it is the fact that faces appear, then disappear in the concrete floor of the home. Yes, I think that this makes the home truly unique. Some paranormal investigators claim that this is the most important and well documented paranormal event of the 20th century. The faces seemed to have started appearing since 1971 and there were different time periods between sightings. Some in the town think that the owner is producing these pictures through an unconscious thoughtographic processes. These processes are linked to psycho kinesis. Skeptics say that fakery is involved, but of course that is nothing new, is it? The story states that in 1971 a face appeared on the kitchen’s cement floor and it was destroyed by the husband of Maria Gomez Camara who lived there and their son Miguel. They had used a pick axe and put down new cement. A new face formed on the floor. The mayor of the town cut out the floor and brought the face to be studied. One investigator stated that some faces that were forming on the floor were sealed in a plastic material that was transparent, but formed anyway. Studies that were carried out by the Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio or ICV (Institute of Ceramics and Glass), show that no paint was found. After the death of Maria Gomez Camara more faces appeared, but these were found to have been faked by so called paranormal investigators.

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey, Same Type Of Monkey To Be Used In Tests
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The nice guys at NASA have decided to expose up to 28 monkeys to doses of daily radiation. They say that they want to do this to better understand the effects of long term exposure outside of Earth’s protective magnetic shield. They have been doing this to rats and mice for some time, but now apparently feel that they need something closer to humans. Hey why not take the guys that decided to use most of NASA's budget for the shuttle and space station and irradiate them, they are less valuable than the monkeys. NASA’s reply to monkey irradiation is that the monkeys will not be killed, but when their experiment is over, they will be sent into retirement to McLean Hospital in Boston and will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Yeah, no matter how short that time might be.

In a very strange story, a woman that had a history of mental illness, walked into a mall in Miami a few months ago and lit herself on fire. The woman also had a criminal record, which has nothing to do with what I am about to tell you. As on lookers watched, she set herself ablaze. People tried to put out the fire, but couldn’t since she wouldn’t cooperate. While she was burning, she decided to walk out of the mall and again people tried to stop her and put out the fire. Before she reached the exit door the fire had been put out. She walked out into the parking lot and was brought to the hospital by fire rescue personnel. She had burns over 75 percent of her body and died three days later. You have to feel sorry for this woman who obviously did not realize what she was doing.

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