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Theories On The Creation Of The Universe
Photo Source: NASA


There have been several theories that detail the creation of the universe. Some have to do with ancient gods creating everything and others cite various different methods of creation. I guess everyone knows about the Big Bang Theory, where it is said that an object that was super compacted finally exploded and this is what created the stars, planets and everything else and the force of the explosion sent them all traveling outward and it is said that some unknown force will slow all this down and gradually they will all come together again and there will be another Big Bang. The problem with this is that everything is expanding faster and faster and it doesn't look like it will ever slow down, much less come together again. Some stars have been dated with older ages than would be possible if we accept the Big Bang theory. Getting right down to it, there are now some scientists that think that our sun and the planets are at least 4 times older than most people think.

John Wheeler put forth a theory in the 1960s about the creation of the universe. He was a well know physicist. It was very similar to the Big Bang theory, but differed in that when the contraction occurred, there was an explosion that started things all over again, that didn't necessarily occur at the point that everything was squeezed into one object.

There is a theory that states that we are on the opposite side of a black hole. This is called a white hole and that material is being dumped into our universe. I don't like this theory at all. First of all, there have been no white holes observed. Secondly, this would mean that the universe is getting more crowded every day and there is just no evidence to support this. As a matter of fact, most scientists feel that the opposite is true and everything is getting further apart. It is true that scientists think that they have found large areas where there is nothing, but this doesn't necessarily mean that this is occurring because there are no white holes there. You have to wonder how people, even scientists, can make these statements without a scrap of evidence?

My theory about the creation of the universe is quite different. It takes into account the newest discoveries in time and space and assumes that what many scientists are starting to believe that there is another dimension that contains energy. Certain experiments seem to indicate this. Here is my theory, I think that in the beginning our universe was either empty, that is devoid of all matter, or that it only contained dark matter, if such matter does really exist. A rip occurred in time and space and energy escaped in massive amounts from another dimension and formed into objects that just streamed into our dimension, creating planets, stars and such. There was no explosion and the background radiation that scientists are finding is not from an explosion, but also comes from that other energy dimension. The objects that formed just keep traveling away from each other since there is nothing to slow them down. The system that we use to measure their speed, the redshift system, is flawed and is not reliable, so that these objects, stars, planets, galaxies, nebula, may not even be accelerating, or if they are it is being caused by some sort of interaction between these objects, unknown objects or even dark matter. I know that all this may seem far fetched to most, but for those that are keeping up with things, I would hope that they might see the possibility in what I am saying.

Some scientists think that our universe was created out of froth and foam. In order for this to happen, there would have to be another universe out there that is creating this stuff. The theory is known as the Bubble Universe. It states that this foam and froth is being activated by certain types of energy. The energy supposedly creates not only bubbles, it also creates quantum worm holes. In simpler terms, our entire universe right now is nothing more than an expanding bubble and this allows matter to form. The theory goes on to state that these bubble universes also spawn other bubble universes. This would mean that there are billions upon billions of universes out there. Does this bubble ever burst? Are the laws of physics different in each bubble universe? Sorry we can't answer these questions right now.

When predicting how the universe was created and how it works, it is important to decide if the universe is closed or open. Einstein stated that if you sent out a beam of light, it would return to it's point of origin, sometime in the distant future. This means that he thought that the universe was closed, it was like the surface of a ball. Those that think that it is an expanding closed universe, must compare it to being the surface of a balloon that is being blown up. Not everyone looks at things this way. Many think that the universe goes on forever. Some think that what we consider the universe is only part of the grand picture and there are many connecting universes and dimensions and combined, all of them go on forever. Others think the same, except they believe that ultimately there is an end, a point where you will not be able to go any further. I personally can not imagine such a point, because to me that would mean that there is something there stopping us from continuing our journey and if there is something there, this can not be the end of things.

The Mayans thought that water serpents created the heavens. Ancient peoples mostly believed that their gods created the universe and that they came from nothing. Then there is the argument that the universe always has been there. If this is believed, then almost no one will be able to understand it. The human brain can not cope with the thought that something always was. If this is believed about God, it must be accepted as a mystery of faith. Believing it about the universe is almost impossible for us to accept. People do not like to think about things that do not have a beginning or do not have an end. That is just the way we are programmed and that is why this theory is not popular.

One very strange theory that has appeared lately, is the theory that the universe is really not what we think that it is. It states that when we look out into the universe we are looking at a holograph and what we are seeing are representations of things that are not really there. This would mean that the universe we think that we are living in, doesn't really exist and we are living in a very small area, relatively speaking. It could be the size of our solar system for example. There are many reasons to believe that this isn't true. If it was true, cosmic rays would not be headed this way from exploding stars for example.

A little know theory states that in the beginning there were 2 states of energy, one positive and one negative. They came together and caused a huge explosion that eventually created everything that we know. This was done through many collisions of these positive and negative elements and continues today, accelerating the speed that everything is drifting apart by. This is contrary to the laws of physics, specifically the conservation of energy, by the way. The positive and negative energies were not only opposites, but they were also complementary to each other. Supposedly this created all the objects in space in some areas and annihilated everything in other areas and could account for the large voids found in the universe. Filaments developed and as energy passed through them, the universe developed a degree of consciousness. According to this theory, the universe is about 100 Billion years old. This theory states that our minds are somehow linked to this ether and it lives on after death.

Lastly there is the theory that what we are seeing and feeling are just figments of our minds. It goes on to state that there is nothing there, we are not living on the Earth, there is no solar system, there is nothing and we are just spirits that believe that all this is happening. It is our test to see if we are worthy of living our lives in heaven. In some cases it is thought that we are made to take this test more than once, if we don't qualify the first time and that is why some people have memories of past lives.

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