Disappearing People

The U.S. is a very large country, both population wise and in size. It is not the biggest or the most populated but it is right up there. It is the third most populated country in the world and the third largest by size. A country like China is almost as big as we are, but has 4X our population and India is about 1/3rd our size but has about 3.5 X our population. I am only illustrating this point to show that we have a lot of room left in this country, room to get lost in or if you prefer, crowds to get lost in. If one wanted to disappear he, or she, can try it either way.

People have been disappearing in the U.S. for many years, a lot of people. They just vanish never to be seen again. One day they leave home to go to work, or maybe the store and that is the last time they are ever seen. What could be the reasons for this happening? Actually there are quite a few reasons for something like this happening. A person could get into an accident and die without identification on him, or burn up along with his id. He could be the victim of a crime and get murdered and have his wallet taken with his id in it. He could want to leave home and simply depart never to be seen again. A woman could even be the victim of a white slavery ring and get kidnapped and sent to somewhere in Asia or Africa. I have heard of this happening in places like New Orleans. There are just so many ways to vanish. Some would even have you believe that extraterrestrial aliens are taking people and not returning some of them.

There is a famous story of a disappearance in 1880. Some say it is a hoax but others believe it. A man named David Lang was a farmer. He was out tending his fields while his wife sat comfortably on the porch watching his labors. I won't comment on this situation.. His children were playing by the house. His brother-in-law drove up in a buggy and had a lawyer friend with him. When they got to the farm Lang's wife began to scream horribly. It seems that Mr. Lang was walking and as he began to take a step he faded into nothingness. The men also saw part of it happen but no one could believe their eyes. Lang was never seen again. If the story is true, it would show that there are other forces at work here. Some years earlier, in England, a couple had a very strange experience. They were staying at a hotel when they were awoken in the middle of the night. Both felt very strange and felt that the floor and room around them was melting. They began to shout for help and noticed that their voices sounded very strange. The next thing to happen was that the floor disappeared and they were being pulled in. The woman managed to make it to a window and dragged her husband to safety, Both of them jumped out and escaped the room.

There are some strange disappearances going on in Vancouver B.C., Canada, if you believe the operator of a house of ill repute in the area. She claims that since 1995, over 20 of her girls have disappeared with out any warning and she believes that they were the victims of a serial killer. She is not alone in this theory. Another woman, who runs a safe house for prostitutes believes the same thing. She says that police are not doing enough to catch this killer. The problem is that there is no evidence that anything has happened to any of the missing girls. They just simply disappeared without a trace. Social service workers also said that they are surprised at the large number of missing prostitutes.

In the U.S. alone there are reports of over 10,000,000 people going missing per year. Out of this figure 500,000 are never found. Some of these people are victims of crimes but some are just gone. Sometimes it is not one person that disappears but a group of people. A man and his wife were sleeping. in a motel on a trip across the country in 1959. When she woke up, he was no longer by her side and had vanished, never to be seen again. Everything of his was still there, including his clothes, money, luggage, car, etc. Now let me ask you this, who would run off naked? This is a strange story indeed. Another couple was driving across country and was never seen again and this was in 1970. Their car vanished also. Were they the victims of some modern day highway men who killed them and scrapped their auto?

When I talk about disappearing people, I would be remiss if I left out the Bermuda Triangle. This is the place that most people think of as the area where the most people have disappeared. The truth of the matter is that if we were to draw a triangle in many other areas of the ocean, just as many ships and planes would have been lost in that area as the Bermuda Triangle. I won't weigh anyone down by rehashing old and tired tales of disappearances in that area.

So here we are in a world where people disappear every day. If we eliminate crime and people running away and also accidents we are still left with a considerable amount of cases. These are the people we are interested in. Where do they go and why do they go? Is there some vast conspiracy that we are not aware of? Are other forces at work as I suggested before? The world is a a big place, we may never get to the bottom of this phenomena and maybe if we knew the answer we wouldn't like it.

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