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Black Mass In Dark Room
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Did you read the report that came out that stated a heck of a lot of people in the U.S. not only believe in astrology, but many also believe in spirits and the paranormal. Is it any wonder that those ghost hunting shows on television are so popular? If you talk to people they will tell you that the real reason that they look at these types of shows, is that they are looking for a clue that will prove that there is an after life. Others will deny this and state that they only look at the shows for entertainment. What I found particularly interesting about the report is that believing in spirits doesn't seem to conflict with religious beliefs in many people's minds. I sort of expected this, but the amount of people that actually believe in astrology came as a surprise. I am assuming that the report is correct, but you never really know do you? Reports have been falsified before and by some famous scientists, reporters and even government employees.

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It is amazing how many of us claim to have seen things from dark shadowy masses floating across a room or wall, to full bodied apparitions Many people claim to have seen and even communicated with dead relatives and friends. When you talk with these witnesses, you usually find that they are quite normal. Some people have said that they believe in the afterlife because there are just too many witnesses to these types of events. Then there are those that say they don't believe and cite things like Houdini, who claimed that he would return if it was possible. Since no one has ever seen him reappear, that is cited as a bust and proof to some that the paranormal is just all imagination with some tricks mixed in.

Shadow Person

Simulated Shadow People
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As a person that has had some strange experiences myself, that are not easy to explain, I have to keep an open mind. I personally have never seen anything that could be construed to be a full body apparition or even a partial one, yet I have met people that swear that they have. One person told me that they were in church attending a mass, with hundreds of people around them, when they saw the spirit of their dead sister in front of them. They said that it did not talk, but smiled and they felt that it was telling them that everything was okay. No one else saw this and the person that told me was quite shocked by this appearance. This person is quite normal and has never seen anything like this before or since. What I saw was quite different. I was in my bedroom with the lights out and it was quite dark. So dark in fact that you would have thought that there could not have been anything darker. I noticed something moving and it was a black mass so dark that it looked like black ink and actually stood out from the rest of the room. It slowly floated across the back wall of the bedroom and then disappeared There was no light coming into the room that could have created a shadow and nothing outside that could account for this.

I really didn't know much about this kind of stuff at the time, so I checked online and found out that these types of black masses are not as uncommon as people think. It is hard to say what they are exactly. Some think that they are some form of energy, while others come out and say that they are spirits. I can not say and there was absolutely no communication between me and it. It might as well have been a cloud drifting across the room. I didn't feel threatened in any way and as a matter of fact, I didn't even feel that it was aware of me.

One woman had a completely different experience with a black mass than I did. She was in her bedroom with the lights out as I was. She also noticed that a black mass had appeared in her room, but here is where the similarities ended. According to her the black mass seemed to know that she was in the room and instead of just floating across the room, it headed for her. As it got closer, she began to panic and just before it was right on top of her, she jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. The black mass did not follow her and disappeared. She never saw it again.

There are those that equate these thing with aliens and UFOs. They think that a dark mass is something this is used to cloak alien activity. This belief is not as wide spread as the idea that a black mass is a spirit of some kind. I say some kind, because some people believe that the spirit is not necessarily that of a human. They think that it could be that of an animal for example. Maybe a beloved dog or cat, trying to return to its former life. Some religions tell us that only humans have souls, but the truth of the matter is that no one really knows and there are those other religions that believe that every living creature has a soul.

Another story about a black mass states that a couple was in their living room watching television. It was around 11:00 pm at night and they were getting tired. Just as their last show finished, the wife noticed what looked like a black shapeless mass entering the room through a wall. She poked her husband. She was obviously scared. At that point he also noticed the mass. As it started to float across the room, it began to take the shape of what seemed to be a man. It was not fully formed into this shape however. You could see what looked like pants legs, but no feet. The upper part of the figure looked like it was wearing a modern business suit, but you could not make out any face, or anything above the shoulders that was distinctive. Hands were not noticeable. It continued to form but floated out of the room through the wall, before it finished. Both parties were visibly shaken by the experience. Some odd things had been happening around the house before this and they seemed to center around the basement. There were a lot of strange noises that came from there at night, but there were no loose pipes or noisy heater down there. The family dog would not go down there anymore. Objects in the basement seemed not to stay where they were put and sometimes you would find them on the opposite end from where they had been placed.

There are quite a few people that have seen a black mass. If you try and tell them that it was their imagination, they get quite angry and to tell you the truth, once you have seen one, you will never forget it. I look back on the experience now and wish that I would have tired to communicate with it, but it had taken me by surprise and was only in the room for about 15 seconds. It would have been quite an experiment. For all we know, certain atmospheric conditions could be the cause of at least some of these things and they may not even be paranormal at all. As for the one that I talked about above that was taking the shape of a man, it just can not be explained by normal means.

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