The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

I have talked about Edgar Cayce in the past, but I thought it might be interesting to go deeper into some of his predictions. Edgar Cayce was famous as the 'sleeping prophet'.

Cayce used to sleep or go into a trance and while he was under, he was able to answer questions. Many books are filled with his predictions although many of them are fuzzy. He talked about many things and some things were more interesting for the idea than the answer.

Cayce talked about a change in the Earth's activity. He spoke of conditions changing in the south sea and the sinking and raising of land masses which might occur in the Mediterranean. Well we can see that the Earth is warming up and things are beginning to change. As the polar caps melt, more water is deposited in the oceans, causing the sea level to rise. There is a good chance that this prediction may come true. Cayce went on to say that much of the land on the east and west coast of the U.S. would be disturbed but he also went on to say that so would the central parts of the U.S. He stated that these changes would be gradual. I think the important thing to remember here is that Cayce died in 1945, far before anyone thought about global warming. One of the things he was talking about when he referred to the central part of the country changing was that he predicted that the water from the great lakes would empty into the Gulf of Mexico and stated that a waterway should be prepared for this contingency. He went on to tell us where the safest places to be were. He said Virginia Beach, parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois also much of southern Canada. Eastern Canada would be safe but not Western Canada. It said that parts of New York City would disappear but not before Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If Edgar Cayce was not a con man, and he probably was not, predicting things could have been as simple as reading the mind of the questioner. It is possible that Cayce had a sort of ESP and didn't realize it. Maybe his answers were based on what those around him were thinking at the time. But this is just a theory, one of many in fact.

Cayce was very prolific, there are more than 14,000 of his readings on file. Some of Cayce's predictions are cited as failures, but if we look into at least one of them a little more carefully, we could very well be wrong about that. I am referring to his prediction that in 2001, a huge chamber would be found beneath the Sphinx and a library would be found in it that was left by the people from Atlantis. We have no way to know if this ever happened. One has to remember one thing, this area is controlled by the Egyptians, not by the world.. They could have found it and not wanting to take credit away from themselves for the building of the Sphinx or maybe even the pyramids, just didn't tell anyone about the discovery. I am not say this is true, it is only a possibility. When a country is experiencing a huge tourist trade as they do, they might have felt that this would hurt them. The reply by them to this would have to be that this is absurd, but how would we know for sure? Isn't this something that any country might do? Another of his predictions was a war in the middle east. It could be said that he wasn't wrong here either and the war he spoke of was already fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. He called it a world war but when you consider all the different nations that were involved in the previous Iraq war, this might fit the bill.

Cayce would state, when he was asleep, that the famous missing link never existed. He went on to say that God had decided to give an ape many powers, such as the power to communicate and make intelligent decisions and his plan was to let this ape evolve into us. He went on to say that this happened very quickly not over the millions of years that scientists and archeologists believe. This is interesting in the fact that if he is right, the entire theory of evolution as stated to us by science would be wrong. This would be more like an express evolution. The truth is that humanity can only trace themselves back so far and at that point must rely on piecing together bones to get answers. The answers they get are not always right. I remember a few years ago, it was discovered that some of the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History had the wrong heads attached to the bodies. This mistake might appear minuscule compared to what scientists are saying about our development.

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When Cayce would go into one of these trances, his personality would completely change. Even the way he talked would change. Some people said that they believed that Cayce had been taken over by a spirit when he gave these prophetesses. It was not the fact that Cayce was doing this to become rich, because he gave these prophetesses for free and it is said he never asked for money for anything connected with prophesy. The religious community will be happy to hear that he said that we are all spiritual beings that go through a material existence on Earth and then journey back to our true spiritual existence His view on souls is even more strange. According to Cayce, a soul will hover over a child for six months before it is born and sometimes not enter it's body for up to a month after it's birth. He proposed that dreams were very important. They were a sort of diary of past lives and you could communicate with the dead through dreams. Dreams were said to contain warnings that you could heed.

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On thing about prophets seems to be universal, almost all prophecies are unclear. Prophets have a way of stating things that are hard to understand. Maybe this is done so that many different interpretations are possible proving the prophet right, or maybe there are other reasons. Cayce was no exception to this rule. Many of his prophecies can mean many different things, but at least some of them were clear enough to understand.

Cayce was a gentle man who was religious himself. He found that his prophesies on religion and the nature of the human soul were at odds with his Christian religious belief and this troubled him. He never tried to become famous and felt that he had committed suicide in a past life and was put here to make amends for this. He had many money troubles and even his home was foreclosed upon. He started a hospital only to see it run out of money. In his lifetime he received many threats from religious groups. When he became even more troubled as his son had personal problems, it became harder to wake him from his trances and a few times people thought that he had died.

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