Ghosts And Indian Burial Grounds
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Did you ever notice that in the movies, the places that seem to be haunted the most were always built over ancient indian burial grounds? Did you ever wonder if there really was any paranormal activity in these places? I thought it might be fun to do a little investigating and see what the outcome is, so here are a few looks at INDIAN BURIAL GROUNDS.

Robinson Woods is an area in Chicago. It was an Indian burial ground and today there is much paranormal activity reported in the area. It is very strange to find such a place in the heart of Chicago. The burial ground is located at East River Road and Lawrence Avenue if you are ever in the area. Mr. Robinson was half indian and half Scottish. and is buried there. His family continued to live in Chicago and in 1955 their house burned down after reports of wild parties. Three bodies were found in the area. bound and gagged in a ditch. There have been many strange sightings in the area of native american ghosts, voices when no one was present and drum beating sounds. Another strange thing is the smell of flowers when none are there. Paranormal investigators were able to pick up the drum sounds on tape.

There is a mansion in New Orleans that was build over an old indian burial ground. The Mytles Plantation is over 200 years old. The mansion is said to be home to several spirits. The Tunica Indians used to use this site to bury their dead. Tours are conducted and the lucky ones get to see a spirit or two. The spirit of a young girl in a white dress is said to have been seen. A slave named Chloe, the former lover of a judge who lived in the house, had poisoned the women of the house and killed them. She was hung from a tree and later her body dumped into the Mississippi River. It is said that at least two of the murdered women, both children, have appeared from time to time in the house. These children have been seen by the house's guide of 14 years. People have seen these children in the mirror in the hall and heard their names called when no one was there. A photo was taken and when it was developed a faint image of an African American woman in a turban was in the corner. Chloe always wore a turban since the master had cut off her ear for ease dropping. Other photos that were taken by tourists have been developed that show faint images of people.

One has to wonder how many indian burial grounds there were? Thousands of places claim to be built on or over them. Maybe I should say that this website is built over one, it might attract more people?

Friendship Cemetery is located in Chiloquin, Oregon. It is said to have originally been an indian burial ground. There have been reports of many strange happenings there, including a ghost which floats above one of the graves.

Sacramento, California is said to contain many restless spirits. In the north edge of the pocket area there is a house. What makes this house so interesting is that it seems to be haunted, and not just by any ordinary ghost, but an american indian ghost, a chief. The old chief can be seen descending the staircase and shuffling along. Not only the family members have seen him, but many of their guests. This type of thing is also affecting many other houses in the area. Many of the residents state that this housing plot was built over, guess what, an old indian burial ground.

In Malone, New York there is an Elementary School named Flanders. Get this for bad luck. The school was built over a cemetery which was built over an ancient indian burial ground. Ghosts of American Indians have been seen in the playground and in the bathroom. There is a house next to the school that is exactly over the indian burial site and the occupants often complain of seeing ghostly apparitions of indians and hearing noises coming from the basement.

An old farm house in Virginia is about 1000 feet away from sacred indian ground. Rocking chairs would rock with no one in them. A mysterious vapor would hang over the house at night. Sheets were pulled off the bed when people were sleeping and indentations of sitting people appeared on the bed when no one was there. Temperatures would drop to freezing in the middle of summer and the house wasn't air conditioned. Doors would slam by themselves.

So what do you think? Do you believe in Ghosts? If you do, do you believe that ghosts are more likely to appear at sites that are involved with indian burial grounds? The skeptics say that there are no such things as ghosts and anything that is seen or heard can be explained. The believers accept most anything and the rest of the people are not sure. They think there is much fraud in this area but also think that there is a chance that ghosts might exist or at the very least, that there is something unexplained out there. What category do you fall into?

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