Mysterious Stones

Sometimes you can find “strange or mysterious” in your own backyard, so to speak. A mysterious stone exists in the town of Bourne, Massachusetts. The funny part of this is I go through that town about once every year and never knew about the stone. The stone itself is a 300 pound piece of pink granite. It contains two lines of writing. The stone was used for many years as a doorstop to a meeting house. No one is quite sure what the writing on the stone states, but there is one person who claims it is Iberian script and states “A proclamation. Of annexation. Do not deface. By this Hanno takes possession.” When I read this, I couldn't help but wonder what Hanno meant? It turned out that there was a person named Hanno the Navigator. He was also known as Hanno II of Carthage. He was an explorer that lived about 500 B.C. He was associated with exploring the African coast. He had believed that he had found savage people there and tried to capture them. It is said that he was only able to capture the women but had to kill them because they were so vicious. He had them skinned and returned the skins to his homeland. It turns out that these were not people at all but gorillas, but since he had never seen one before, he assumed that they were human. Back to the stone. Some believe that Hanno might have made it to North America, but most do not. If he did, this would explain the stone being here.

Egg Rock
Lake Winnipesaukee Rock
Photo Source: Public Domain

Another mysterious stone was found at Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. It is shaped like an egg and was found in 1872. The stone contains carvings of a face, a teepee and other graphics. Workers were digging holes to install fence posts when the stone was found. No one knows how old the stone is, or where it came from. The stone is 4 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. It has been theorized that the carvings on the stone may commemorate a peace treaty between two tribes, but the stone could quite easily serve some other purpose. Perhaps it was a wedding gift? The museum where the stone now resides had received a letter in 1931 that stated that the stone was a Thunderstone. A Thunderstone is a worked object that has fallen from the sky. Legends of Thunderstones are found in many cultures around the world

For over five years archaeologists have been baffled by the standing stones atop Burnt Hill in Massachusetts. No one knows where the stones came from, or who built the display. They don't even know what purpose they could have served. There are 21 of these stones and each weighs from 300 to 500 pounds. They have been raised to the standing position, but five have fallen The stones were taken to the top of the hill and jammed into the bed rock. It is certainly strange how our ancestors seemed to erect these kinds of structures whenever that had the chance, In some cases they were revered areas they were taken care of for thousands of years. It just might have been because stone was the only material that they felt would stand the test of time.

Who made the stone arrow that was composed of smaller stones and where is it pointing? There it is, a pile of stones arranged in the shape of an arrow. This has to remind everyone of those arrows people make where they are lost and start their trek to find safety. They are usually made so that if another comes across it, they will know which way the lost person started to walk, so that they can be rescued. This arrow is near Sebago Lake in Cumberland County, Maine. One person reported that they followed the path the arrow was pointing at, but eventually the path ended. Could this arrow have been there for centuries? Maybe it was created before the U.S. was even discovered? I guess this is just one of those mysteries that has to remain unsolved.

So far I have talked about stones in the New England area, but there are plenty of stone mysteries to go around. There is a house in South Africa that has a very unusual thing happening to it. Every night stones fall out of the sky onto the house and this has been going on for over a month. The owners of the home think that it has been cursed and this is caused by witchcraft. The police were brought into the case and for a solid week saw the stones falling on the house from the sky every night. The pastor of the local Christian church said he believes that the falling stones are caused by demonic possession. Does anyone want to buy a house cheap?


Costa Rican Sphere
Photo Source: GNU Free Documentation License.

When it comes to mysterious stones, Costa Rica is in a league of its own. Stone balls varying in size have been found all over the small country. The first one were found in Diquis Delta. Hundreds more have now been uncovered. They range in size from a couple of centimeters to two meters in diameter. Their weight goes all the way up to 16 tons. There are so many that they have been used to decorate office buildings at times, much the way we use those huge modern art statues. One of the stranger things is that there have never been any unfinished balls found. The nearest quarry would have been over fifty miles from where the closest stone ball was found.


Roman Telple Dedicated To Jupiter
Photo Source: GNU Free Documentation License.

There is a wall that was built on the outside of a first century Roman Temple. The temple had been dedicated to the god Jupiter. So far there is nothing unusual, but let me continue. Inside the wall archaeologists found 3 stone slabs. Each one weighed in excess of one million pounds. That is far more than the weight of any stone used in the building of the pyramids. How could the Romans have moved these huge stones and why did they even want to? They certainly could have built their wall without them. About a half a mile from the temple is the largest cut stone in the world. The stone is 22 meters long and about 4.5 meters square. The temple is located in Baalbek, Lebanon.

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