Mysterious Events

Many things fall out of the sky. I am not just talking about rain, snow or sleet here, but objects and things that shouldn't be in the sky in the first place. For example, the book, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, tells about a fishing boat with a broken motor. It is mourned a distance from the Kiribati Islands. Out of food and water, the fishermen survive for almost four months on sharks for food and their blood for drink. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a blackfish falls out of the sky and on to the deck. The blackfish is a rare fish that never come above 600 feet depth.

Source: NASA

In Thames Ditton, Surrey, England on October 18, 1867, flames fell from the sky. It was a shower of flame not rain, that day. The shower lasted for 10 minutes and after it was over the residents went out and found sulfur in the numerous puddles left by the storm.

Chico, California in the mid 1920s was showered with stones. Some stones were the size of baseballs while others were pebbles. The storm lasted for months, and no reason could be found for the phenomenon

The year was 1877, the place was Memphis, Tennessee. Scientific American Magazine was trying to figure out why thousands of live snakes rained down on this southern town. Some of the snakes were as long as eighteen inches. The only thing the magazine could say was "They probably were carried aloft by a hurricane and wafted through the atmosphere for a long distance..." This explanation didn't account for where so many snakes could have possibly come from.

Nature Magazine records a fall in 1930 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A huge piece of ice fell out of the sky with a gopher turtle, six inches by eight inches, encased in it.

In Redding near Manchester, England in 1982, children reported coins falling from the sky. People doubted this but found that some of the coins were embedded into the earth edgewise and must have fallen from quite a height. No planes were heard or detected overhead.

What is amazing about organisms falling from the sky is that always seem to be the same. As in the story about the snakes above, why were there no other types of reptiles or small animals?

On September 29, 2001, in Chichester, England, Numerous cubes of a jelly like substance fell into a front garden. No damage was reported.

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

On August 20th, 1984, freshwater fish rained down in Bonita, California on Mr. and Mrs. Ellmers and on Walter Davies, their neighbor. The nearest fresh water body was a couple of miles away, but no water spout had been observed.

The 'Los Angeles Newsstand', in July, 1869, ran a story about a flesh fall near Los Angeles. For five minutes flesh fell from the sky, its size ranged from small pieces to large strips. People observed what they believed was a kidney, heart and liver. The newspaper said, "That meat fell, we cannot doubt… Where it came from, we cannot even conjure."

On April 21st, 1985 Starfish rained over St. Cloud, Minnesota. One couple was quoted as saying, "A white thing with five legs," was in their yard. When they turned on their lights they saw starfish everywhere. St. Cloud in not near the ocean.

Even when normal rain falls, it is not always normal.

It was July in 1955 and people in Cincinnati, Ohio were being rained on. Why was this unusual, because the rain was red. As the rain fell it killed any plant it touched. Red rain has been known to have fallen in Europe and the Caribbean but there it can be traced to sand from the Sahara that was blown into the air.

Source: N.O.O.A.

During the war in Laos, a yellow rain fell. It was thought by the U.S. that the Soviet Union had supplied chemical weapons, trichothecene mycotoxins (poisonous compounds made by fungal molds that infect grain), to be used against the anti-communists and that they had indeed been used. After a scientific investigation the U.S. said it had been in error and the yellow rain had been caused by bee feces.

Thousands of sardines fell from the skies over Rosewood, Australia on 6 February, 1989. The sardine fall was over two acres, as stated by the Ipswich Police Department.

Theories have been advanced by some, that state when certain conditions are just right, channels open up and objects are transported from one area to another. If this theory is correct, it certainly would explain the falls of animals, animals being anything living or dead.

On November 8-9, 1984, for over an hour apples fell from the skies over East Crescent, Accrington, Lancashire, England. People found hundreds in their yards.

And finally it was in Lakewood, California on January 4, 1984 that Fred Simons reported that a rusty, World War II artillery shell fell into his yard leaving a crater four feet deep. The shell was a dud. No aircraft were in the area. As strange as this was, the same thing had happened in Naples, Italy on February 7, 1958 when a 1942 artillery shell fell from the sky. No planes were reported.

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