Mysterious Objects

Every once in a while an object is found that just can not be explained. It might be a modern looking object that is thousands of years old or it might be an object who's purpose we can not figure out, that took a degree of technology to manufacture that we still don't have today. But these objects do exist and they tease the immigration of all who know about them. Some people point to these artifacts as proof that we have been visited by peoples from outer space, while others say it is proof that man was more advanced and somehow this knowledge was lost, as in Atlantis.

In 1991 gold prospectors in the Ural mountains in Russia came across tiny spiral shaped objects. The sizes ranged from .003 mm (very tiny) to 3 cm. There are thousands of these objects near the Armada River and two other rivers and two streams. The larger spirals are made of copper and the small ones of tungsten and molybdenum. They resemble the technology that we are just starting to use in, the creation of nano machines. The objects are found in strata that is 20,000 years old down to strata that is over 300,000 years old. We are now only becoming able to create the tiniest of these objects so who could have created them in such ancient times, and what were they for?

In the early 1800s, near Cincinnati Ohio, a man was digging a well for water. He had gone down almost 95 feet when he pulled up a tree stump from an area that dated back at least 50,000 years. Then he noticed something very strange. The tree stump bore the marks of being cut with a sharp axe. He couldn't believe this until an iron wedge was found in the same area. How could this exist when man was credited with metal working for only 5 or 6 thousand years?

Scientific American magazine ran a story in 1851 about a metal vase that was found in solid rock, fifteen feet below the surface in England. It was estimated to be at least 100,000 years old. It was made of zinc alloy with pure silver inlaid. Flowers were carved into the sides and also inlaid with the silver. It was shown in many museums but disappeared.

In 1926 a tooth was found. So what you say, ah but this was a special tooth. It wasn't the fact that it was a human tooth that made it so special and it wasn't the fact that it was found that was so unusual, it was the fact that it was found in rock that was 10,000,000 years old. Maybe everything we have come to believe about the human race is wrong and we were around much earlier than we suspect.

The Coso Artifact has become very famous. In 1961 the owners of a rock shop went out into the mountains, the Coso Mountains, to get unusual rocks. They found a geode and cut it open. To their great surprise there was a metal cylindrical object surrounded by petrified wood in the middle. The metal object also contained some ceramic material around it. A geologist dated the cylinder at between 250.000 years and 500,000 years. Some say the object is a spark plug. If this is so than humans were around with internal combustion machines way before now. But if so what happened? Did some natural event drive them back to the stone age, was it a world war using advanced weapons or perhaps a great disease struck?

The metal sheet found at Roswell, New Mexico was very interesting. Major Jesse A. Marcel headed toward the famous site at Roswell when he was notified of a crash. Upon arriving there he saw scattered debris and decided to take some home in a box. Among the things he brought home was a thin piece of metal that looked like a foil sheet. What made this so different was the fact that if was very strong and you could fold it into any shape and it would spring back to its original flat shape. Reference to this metal is mentioned in many places that discuss the Roswell Crash. Marcel was ordered to return all these pieces to the Army and he did. Editor's note: we now have memory metal that will do this.

There have been many objects found in coal when it was broken open. But some scientists now think that coal can form, under extremely rare circumstances. in about 30 years. That is why I am not mentioning the many objects that have been found in coal.

One of the most fascinating things to be discovered are model airplanes thousands of years old. They were found in ancient Egyptian tombs and when tested glided perfectly. When shown to aviation experts, it was said that if they had an engine they could have flown quite well. This wasn't just a glider but the wings were curved in such a way as to give the most lift with the least power. Surely this had been well thought out. The plane had been discovered in the tomb at Saqquara, Egypt and the tomb dated back to 200 B.C. Why haven't we found full size planes in ancient Egypt. Maybe this was a toy or maybe they never could achieve building a motor to power it. But what about the carvings in the Temple of Abydos? Here we see relief's of jets, helicopters and an unknown craft.

A transistor was found in a rock that was a million years old. I remember seeing a photograph of this in Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken. Its pretty hard to explain something like this especially if it is witnessed by others.

All this has to make one wonder. Is ancient history all wrong, was man more advanced than we believe, is there something we don't know? This is all very strange

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