Mass Disappearances

Chinese Soldiers 1939

Chinese Soldiers In 1939
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Why have there been so many mass disappearances throughout history? They are not hard to find if one looks for them. Thousands of Chinese soldiers just disappeared in 1939. They never reached their destination and there is no record of them being attacked. This is hardly a one of a kind case. If it was you might be able to attribute it to error of some kind. The error might be that what happened to them was never recorded. The problem is these disappearances occur throughout history. One of the strangest is one I have talked about before. It was 1930 and a trapper in Canada was used to visiting some of the native villages in his travels. He had just completed a journey to a village on the shores of Lake Anjkuni which was located in northern Canada. When he got there he was surprised to see that the village was empty, but not only was it empty, things were left around which showed the departure had taken place suddenly. Sled dogs were found still tied up that had died of starvation. Plates of food were still on tables. The trapper went to the Royal Canadian Police, who made an exhaustive search for the villagers, but not one was ever found and the police finally gave up the search. As we look into these strange mass disappearances we begin to realize there are far more individual disappearances which cannot be explained either.

Roman Soldier

Roman Legionnaire (No Enlargement)
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Mass disappearances have been taking place for thousands of years. In the 2nd century A.D. the 9th Roman Legion had over 4,000 men in the unit. It was said to be one of the toughest legions in the Roman army and very experienced. In the year 109 A.D. the unit was sent to Scotland where it disappeared a few years later. Evidence was never found that it was wiped out and while stories were spun about what happened to it, no one really knows. It was a victim of a mass disappearance. There are people who attribute these disappearances to the paranormal and others who believe this is attributed to alien abduction. Could these people be correct? I don’t think we are in any position to know the answer to these questions yet. This is especially true for ancient disappearances when time may have wiped out any evidence of what happened.

It seems that entire civilizations have been disappearing for thousands of years. The question is whether this is a natural phenomenon or it has happened for some other reason which we are currently unaware of? There are strange things which happen and not all have to do with disappearances. An example of this is when about 250 Spanish conquered hundreds of thousands of Incas. Yes I admit the Spanish had metal weapons, armor and guns, but how did so small a band prevent themselves from being overrun? Think of the British in the late 1800s and how whole armies were destroyed by the Zulus who used spears and clubs against almost modern weapons. To me this means only one thing, the Spanish had to have some of the Incas fighting for them. This meant it was some sort of a political conquest also, but enough of this because we know what happened to the Incas.

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In 1971 it was possible to walk through Stonehenge in England; it had not yet been protected. A group of hippies decided to go there and pitched a tent right in the center of the stones. They had built a campfire and prepared to stay the night and began to smoke some questionable material. They decided to have a sing along. As the night progressed a severe thunderstorm came over the area. Lightning began to strike all around them. It is said Stonehenge began to glow with such a bright blue light the hippies had to shield their eyes. Then it happened, terrible screams came from the camp and two people who thought someone was dying ran to the hippie’s tent. Instead they found no one at all. All they found were burnt tent pegs. All the hippies had disappeared. Does any of this make any sense to you? I know it doesn’t to me. If anything it is an indication of something either happening we cannot understand or it is a tall tale.

The American Indians talk about a mass disappearance. They cite the story of Kana’sta. Two Indians came into the settlement of Kana’sta. It was a Cherokee settlement and the two men also claimed to be Cherokee. They said their settlement was nearby but it was different from the one they came to because they had no wars or sickness and lived in harmony. They told the Cherokee an enemy was coming soon and would take their country away from them but if they fasted for 7 days and performed some other acts they could go with the other Cherokees and live with them in peace. Some Indians went back with the two and were led through a cave. The cave opened up into a very large settlement with homes. They were then told others lived even higher up and at the top of the mountains lived the thunder people. The entire settlement of Kana’sta performed the required ceremonies and moved in with the mountain people and the village became empty for all the tribe had disappeared into the mountain where the cave had become a solid wall.

Are there strange things going on we don’t understand? Do things like vortexes exist? Could people be pulled out of their own time and deposited in another time or another place? These are all question which are yet to be answered. There are certainly those who believe in vortexes, but there are also those who think this is all a bunch of baloney. Some UFO believers think it is possible UFOs are causing mass abduction and then there are those who believe the ancient spirits are real and they are causing all this mischief. There is no doubt there have been some mass disappearances, what is in doubt is their cause.

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