Stull Cemetery

In Kansas is a little cemetery named Stull Cemetery, or as the residents call it, The Seventh Gateway To Hell! Stull is about 18 miles from Lawrence Kansas. Supposedly a portal to hell exists in the ruins of an old church there. The stairway can not be seen, except on certain nights. It appears behind the church and all those who dare to start to descend it are dragged down to the bottomless pit of hell, or so they say. The town of Stull, where the cemetery resides has a population of less than 20. The cemetery is located on Emmanuel Hill, where supposedly, paranormal events have been occurring for many years. It is asserted that this cemetery is one of the two places on earth where the devil appears twice a year. People claimed unexplained memory loss after visiting the cemetery and one student said he was grabbed by the arm by an unseen being. On March 20, 1978 over 150 people waited in the cemetery for the appearance by the devil but were disappointed. They must have had the wrong night.

Legend has it that the devil has been appearing here since 1850 and the original name of the town was Skull but was later corrupted into Stull. Others state it was named after its Postmaster in 1905, a Mister Stull.

Here are some of the tales that are told regarding strange happenings in the cemetery:

Two young men were visiting the cemetery one night when a strong wind came from nowhere and without warning. The decided to return to their car but when they got to it the car was moved to the other side of the road and was facing in a different direction.

Another man said he was also in the cemetery when a strong wind and rain started. He ran into the church were no rain came in even though there was no roof.

So why would the devil appear in Stull Cemetery? In 1980, an article appeared in the Kansas City Times stating that the reason the devil appears in Stull is because of an event which occurred in the 1850s. A stable hand allegedly stabbed the mayor to death in the cemetery's old stone barn. This barn was converted into a church years later and the church burned. There is an old wooden crucifix that hangs in that church and it is rumored that it sometimes turns upside down when someone steps into the church at midnight. Checking records has not turned up the name of any mayor for this town.

Other rumors state that the dates the devil visits the cemetery are the last night of winter and first night of spring. The reason stated for the visit is that he goes there to visit the grave of an executed witch. Other rumors are that a large tree that was cut down recently was used to hang witches from.

Then there is this rumor that the pope asked to fly up and around Kansas, into Nebraska, and then back down into Colorado. The pope said that the area around eastern Kansas was so unholy, that he didn't even want to fly above it

My favorite tale is that a son of Satan is buried here and there is a supposed picture somewhere of a boy looking out from behind the trees who looks like a werewolf.

The townspeople remain closed mouthed. They refuse to talk about the cemetery but state they don't want outsiders in their cemetery Urge Overkill titled their 1992 album Stull and featured a picture of the old church on the cover. A book called "Haunted Kansas" by Lisa Hefner Heitz, contains some rumors about Stull.


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