What Is The Government Hiding?

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Have you ever heard of disinformation? I'm sure that you probably have, but maybe you're not exactly sure what it is? When I talk of disinformation in this article, I am referring to statements put out by the government that are not true. There are several kinds of disinformation, but the two major types are:

  1. The type that invents a completely new event, or situation that is spun in such a way that it is supposed to influence us on other events.

  2. The other major type is where an old event is spoken about, but the reason that is stated for its occurrence is so absurd that it will cause people to completely disregard any other theories for the occurrence, except the government line. The fact that both statements are put out by the government is hidden to make us think that someone else made the statement.

An example of one of the completely absurd statements that was put out about 9/11 was that the government not only orchestrated 9/11, but they did it for population control. I think that we are all intelligent people here, and while some of us believe that the government had a hand in 9/11, others do not. I think that we all realize however, that the reason for 9/11 could have never been population control. In a country of over 300 million people, what type of population control would you get by killing a little more than 3,000 people?

Now let's look at an example of an event that never took place and was created as an excuse for a war. That event was the supposed attack on an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was the stated reason that we entered the Vietnam war, but later it was found out that the attack was a complete lie.

It is very interesting to see how people reply when they are asked the question, “what do you think that the government is hiding?” Before I get into this question I would like to respond to those people that have stated that it is impossible for the government to be hiding anything, because it would leak out. This begs the question that maybe it has leaked out and we are ignoring it. Back to that question, many people say the usual things. They cite UFOs, alien contact, structures on the moon and Mars. These are all very common answers, but then there are some not so common answers and some of these really worth looking into. We all know that there is supposed to be separation of state and religion in our government. Yet several years ago the Congress was caught with its pants down voting to build religious structures in another country. They quickly abandoned this quest when the story reached the newspapers. Here was a civilian project that was being kept secret and wasn't even going to be built in our own country, you have to wonder how a project like this could even be suggested for funding? The reason that I mentioned this secret project was to show you that some of the secrets that the government is keeping are not related in any way to national security and they are only being kept so that certain lawmakers will not be embarrassed by their actions as they cater to their constituents and donors.

A lot of people that were asked the "what is the government hiding question", answer almost immediately with the word technology. It is almost a sure bet that our government, if it really wanted to, could release tens of thousands of patents for incredibly advanced devices. Some say that these devices would revolutionize many of the fields that they have been created for. I am not talking about re-engineered devices from some crashed UFO or such, but devices that were invented by Americans and others, all over the world. Before a patent can be issued for a device, the device is checked by the military or their agents, to see if it has any military application. If it is felt that the device does, than it may be taken away from the inventor. It must really pain some of these people, who have worked on these devices for many years to lose them, many times without compensation. Sometimes the devices are never even built, the inventors are just prevented from ever creating them. Believe me when I tell you that there is many a sad story out there that refers to this.

There are a growing number of us that believe that the government, through the food and drug administration, is somehow working with private drug companies and that is why there are so many dangerous drugs out there. I think that many people have gotten this impression because of the warnings that have been forced on drug companies when they advertise their products. When people hear things like this drug could cause death, or this drug could cause heart attacks, it tends to make them very nervous. It is true that in the past that the purview of the food and drug administration has been increased so much, that there is no way that it can test every drug adequately. I guess by watering down the amount of inspectors and forcing more duties upon them, could be construed in certain circumstances as a plot by the government to allow more in inadequate drugs to slip by. I prefer to believe that we just need more inspectors.

Other people are saying that one of the big things that the government doesn't want us to know, even though it has become obvious to many of us, is that it really isn't necessary to go to Congress and get their permission to declare war anymore. If you call the war a police action and you are the president, you could send troops anywhere on your own and this is exactly what we have done several times in the past. The Constitution of the United States has been completely circumnavigated in this area. When we talk about the Constitution and our rights under it, before 9/11. we have lost a lot. One of the greatest rights in this country was called the right of habeas corpus. This right meant that anyone in custody could cause a court to bring them before to check the legality of their detention and be told why they were being held and maybe even get released, if the custody was considered illegal. This was done away with under the Bush administration in the name of national security. You have to wonder why such a harsh measure was undertaken? How does it hurt someone to be told why they are being held? If they are being held illegally then they shouldn't be, is not correct and the American way?

It is very interesting to see people's responses when you research the question of what they think the government is hiding. You find things that you may not have believed, but that you didn't think many people have noticed. I am referring to the belief by some people, that the American food chain has been, compromised. I think all of us have seen over the last few years so many cases of salmonella that they have been shocked out of their gourd. It is no longer surprising to hear that millions of pounds of chopped beef had to be recalled, or fruits and vegetables from overseas, or even from our southern neighbors were making people sick. If you ask the people in the government about this, they will give you that old line that more news is getting around to more people and that's why we think there is more bad food, when there really isn't. But let's get into this a little deeper. I remember last year when some bad fruit made the rounds. It was making people sick, yet for weeks and weeks the government couldn't figure out exactly what food was doing this. All they knew was that it was fruit, but they weren't sure exactly what type of fruit, or where the food came from and as more and more people fell ill, the case became a bigger and bigger disgrace and black mark against United States food agencies. There was no doubt that they were not doing their job, it was the reason for them not doing it that was in doubt.

As you can see there is much speculation on what is being hidden from us. Different people have different ideas, but when you get right down to what is being hidden, maybe all of us are correct. Maybe if we want to establish topics for these hidden items we might create folders for things like, funding, weapons, pet projects, excuses, wars and politics. I bet we could fit many of our government secrets into one of these folders, but there is so much more to hide. One person asked me if a crime had been committed at the World Trade Center towers, and what reason would people in government have for letting them be taken down? My answer was pretty swift, I told him that it could have very easily been done to get us to declare war on Iraq and indeed it was used many times as a rallying point for that war even though Saddam Hussein has been shown to have had absolutely nothing to do with the terrorists. Politics can be the dirtiest game of them all. When the battleship Maine exploded it was said that the Spanish did it and we entered the Spanish American war. We knew from the evidence that the coal had exploded, but this didn't stop us from letting people believe the wrong story. Many political types will blame a country for some heinous event just so we can get into a war with them. The ulterior motives for this may vary, but the results are always the same, we are drawn into the wrong war.