Secret Government Projects

The government is charged with many different secret projects by many different sources. Since these so called projects are secret, there is no way for me to prove or disprove the existence of them. Lets just keep an open mind as we review some of the more popular 'projects'.

It is believed that the government, while not being able to control the weather entirely, can control the severity of storms. A project called Radiosonde sends a balloon up into the atmosphere. The balloon has a white box attached to it. This box puts out a continuous electronic wave that is pulsed. This has the effect of energy conversion. Supposedly Brookhaven National Laboratory is the developer of this device. It is said that the device does work and did reduce storm severity when used. Many were set up, as many as 500 per day.

Air passenger data on all passengers is alleged to have been collected, and still is collected, by the government. This is a work in progress. The major air carriers are all cooperating. The project began right after the crash into the World Trade Towers.

Project Pounce was a project that had, as it main aim the recovery of downed ufos. The government was hoping to recover alien craft or even aliens themselves. It was started in 1968. Its concerns were the attaining of technology. There was also a project that was devoted to tracking ufos using the Alaskan radar systems. This project was name Pinball.

The year was 1953 and Project Mkultra was initiated. The project was to run eleven years. It was a research program that was designed to make and test biological agents and drugs on human minds. The idea was to be able to gain mind control and modify someone's behavior. It is said that there were sub projects that slipped these chemicals and agents to unknowing humans.

Project Pandora had to do with Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). In 1952 a secret meeting was held between U.S. and Soviet scientists. EMR information was exchanged. To prove their claims made during this meeting the Soviets began to beam microwaves at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. This fact, the beaming of the microwaves at the embassy, became known world wide. Studies of the radiation were still being carried out in 1976. In later years we had related projects such as Tums, Bazar and Muts. Involved with these projects were the CIA, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Advanced Research Project Agency, and the State Department.

Project Sigma indirectly had to do with the Roswell ufo crash. It is said that a live alien was found who was named EBE by us. EBE stood for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. After two years of captivity EBE started to answer questions and his answers were so numerous that they were put into a book, called the yellow book. EBE became ill in late 1951 but no medical personnel could determine the cause. EBE died on 2 June 1952. Before EBE died the U.S. began to broadcast a call for help into space. This was called Project Sigma. The call was never answered.

HAARP is a project based in Alaska and controlled by the U.S. Air Force. Here is the definition of what the air force says it is:
The Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate is building in Alaska a new, state-of-the-art facility for the active study of the ionosphere and its effects on radio systems. But this is not what many people think it is. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Many feel that what it really does is blast holes in the ionosphere. It can knock out enemy communications while at the same time allowing our communications to get through. No one knows what effect this will eventually have on the ionosphere. Several other countries now have the same capability but ours is the most powerful setup. I have also heard it said that HAARP is responsible for a buzzing sound that is heard by some people in different parts of the country but that is untraceable.

HAARP array
Picture Source: U.S. Air Force

Aurora is the name of a secret aircraft. It is said to be a space plane that is capable of achieving low orbit. It can fly faster than anything in the sky. The SR71 Blackbird was retired after many years of service. It held the world speed record and was never replaced. It is believed that the reason for this is the Aurora craft made replacement of the SR71 unnecessary. On November 16, 1998 it is said that it was captured on video that lasted about one minute.

NEPA was a program to develop an atomic powered aircraft. It began in 1946 and studies continued under the program until 1951. It was replaced by a joint program between the Atomic Energy Commission and the U.S. Air Force. The new program was called the ANP program. It turned out that it was just too difficult to develop an atomic aircraft engine. No doubt it was also too dangerous to have these atomic aircraft flying overhead. Just think of a crash and the nuclear material spread out everywhere.

These are just a few of the supposed secret projects that exist in the government. No doubt that some of them absolutely exist and others may exit or have existed. We will look at more of these 'secret projects' in the future. I am always interested in this type of thing, and I think many of your are. It amazes me how many secret projects are being suggested. I guess I should not be surprised since they fill whole books with this stuff. Some projects, like HAARP are easily verified, but it is a case of saying it is for one thing while people are suggesting that its use is a lot more ominous. If the nay sayers are right, then the government has hidden this project right out in the open. These types arrays can be seen in a few different countries. One exists in Berlin, Germany.

Every government must have its secret projects. The question is, do any of these projects pose a danger to its citizens?

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