Cattle Mutilations

Source: FBI Freedom of Information Act

Cattle mutilations have been taking place for years. No area is safe and no explanation is available, at least one that we are privy to. I am sure by now everyone has heard of them and what they are but I will go over it once for those who didn't.

Cattle have been found in many places with organs and parts surgically removed. But not just by normal surgery, by a surgical type and procedure that is far in advance of anything known to the medical profession. There is no blood and the removal sites seem to be sealed around the wounds. Reproductive organs seem to be a favorite but things like eyes and tongs are also taken along with rectums. Cattlemen are very worried because most of their complaints to the authorities have been met with ridiculous explanations such as wolves and other predators. Of course this can't be unless the wolves have taken up surgery since the wounds are not rips, but as I have said, expert surgery well in advance of anything we know about.

Under the freedom of information act the FBI has released some of its files on the subject. Five Acrobat files totaling 6.3 million bytes are included here for your examination. You will need a PDF reader to view them, you can download the latest one HERE for free.


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