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Disappearing Free Energy Machines And Death

It is amazing how many inventions have been suppressed by forces unrelated to the inventor. I thought it might be interesting to talk about some of these inventions.

In the 1980s Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn Ph.D co-invented the Trombly-Kahn closed-path homopolar generator. The device was said to produce about 4.9 times more energy than was put into it. The men invested almost $300,000 for patents and drawings of the device. The U.S. Patent Office twice rejected the application for a patent stating it was impossible for the object to work. Right after the denial the patent office notified the Department of Defense about the machine. An order of secrecy was then issued toTrombly and Kahn. They were warned to never again publish anything about their machine because the Department of Defense was working on the same thing. Two gag orders were then issued against the inventors. There are now over 7,000 gag orders against inventors to stop them from talking about inventions which were either taken from them or where work on them was stopped under threat of prison.

In 1935 Charles N. Pogue patented a carburetor in both the U.S. and Canada. It was tested by Breen Motor Company of Canada and it got over 26 miles on a pint of gas which is about 208 miles per gallon. Ford tested the carburetor in 1936 and was said to have gotten 25.7 miles on a pint of gas. In the same year Stockhammer tested the carburetor in a 1934 Ford coupe and got 28 miles on a pint of gas. In the same year Canadian Automotive Magazine said standard carburetors got about 25 miles per gallon. It took a while but in 1953 CARS magazine stated in in the opening months of 1936 there was a selling spree on oil stocks based on this invention. The invention never got anywhere and the inventor Pogue never would speak about it. How come we don’t have these carburetors in our cars today? Something must have happened to deny us the chance to have them because Mr. Pogue was more than glad to sell them, but they weren’t available anywhere after a couple of months of their introduction and yet they were tested in tanks in World War II. Something really strange was going on.

In 1973 a man named Ed Gray invented a radically different electric motor. His motor produced a whopping 80 horse power from 4 deep cycle batteries. These batteries would be recharged as the motor ran. Gray maintained his motor produced far more energy than were in the batteries. This led to many different tests by respected agencies such as Crosby Research Institute and Pan World Enterprise Co. Bing Crosby was so impressed by the motor he became one of the biggest supporters. Gray also introduced a battery pack which produced 4 X more power than was thought capable from it. The energy was so safe that came from it children could play with it in a bowl of water. Gray’s competitors couldn’t allow this to continue. In 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney raided Gray’s assembly plant and confiscated his prototype free energy EVGRAY generator as well as all his plans and records. Hard as they tried Gray’s attorneys were never able to get his device and material back and he was driven into bankruptcy. A newspaper covering the story was the National Tattler and its editor claimed he had been called and threatened not to cover the case. The newspaper called the case nothing but harassment.

A machine called the ERR Fluxgenerator was said to use a solid state arrangement to pull about 3 kilowatts of electricity from the Earth’s natural frequencies. The machine was invented by Dr. Schwartz who stated that others before him had pioneered similar research. About 20,000 units were manufactured in Japan and were ready to be put on the market a couple of years ago when suddenly the Japanese government confiscated all the devices claiming safety reasons and shut the plant down. Just a note: It was thought Nikola Tesla had been experimenting in the same area and had produced a car which ran on the energy of cosmic rays.

Dr. Fred Bell was an advocate of free energy. He had appeared on the Coast to Coast radio show several times and in the process of taping an episode of Conspiracy Theory when he dropped dead from a so called heart attack. Jesse Ventura the host of Conspiracy Theory said it is very strange because the release of his shows was being held up and one of them had to do with Dr. Fred Bell. He also said one of his staff contacted an Army Colonel and asked him what he thought about Dr. Bell talking about free energy? It is said the Colonel said this is how people die. See video below:

There was a man named Henry T. Moray. He built a Free Energy Generator. In the 1930s he had developed a cold semiconductor cathode but the patent examiner rejected his patent because he claimed he couldn’t see how it could work. Twenty years later in 1940 Moray demonstrated a free energy generator before the members of the Public Utilities Commission of his state, Utah. The machine was said to put out 250,000 volts of electricity with any input of energy. The next day he was found shot to death in his lab where his device and all his papers had been stolen from.

People have said engineers at Hitachi Magnetics Corporation have told them that a motor run by magnets is feasible and logical, but politics prevent them from creating one because it would compete with the energy cartels and the obstacles to free energy are the big banks who won the energy industries.

Lester Hendershot was working on inventing a new type of aviation compass when he stumbled upon a way to get energy from the atmosphere. He called it the Hendershot magnetic motor. The year was 1928. His motor drew a lot of attention. As he tried to promote his device he got into trouble and tried to move his operation to Mexico. He finally accepted an offer for the device which was substantial but was conditional on him never working on his free energy device again. In 1961 Dr. Ed Skilling from Columbia University built and tested a Hendershot free energy device and it put out 300 watts. In 1960 the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research began to look into Hendershot’s work. He then was said to have committed suicide.

It seems that one sure way to shorten one’s life is to develop a free energy machine and try and patent it.

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