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Conspiracy theories are everywhere. I could write about how some say Lincoln wanted to get us in the Civil War or how Roosevelt provoked the Germans into war with the United States or even how Johnson had Kennedy assassinated. These are just some of the theories that are running rampant all over the internet. Some conspiracy theories are just out and out laughable while others make you think and say to yourself "gee that is a possibility". I think that the best conspiracy movie was Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson. It led you to believe that Gibson was one of these conspiracy nuts but as the movie evolved you begin to suspect that he is right. Sometimes this is exactly how you feel when you read some of that stuff on one of those conspiracy sites.

The problem is that there is an opportunity for conspiracy in almost everything that takes place in our daily lives. Conspiracies can exist at work, in the government, or even in our churches and other houses of worship. One has just to examine different governments throughout history to see a pattern. Poisonings became quite common in the middle ages and before, as an instrument of policy change. People would plot to do away with the government by killing off it's leaders and sometimes their heirs. This practice continued into modern times, if you believe the stories of how then President Kennedy tried to assassinate Castro by even poisoning his cigars. It is said that he even went as far as hiring the mafia to kill him. I guess this is one of the reasons that Castro asked the Russians to nuke us during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Sticking with modern times one has to talk about the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. For all you X-Files fans out there, you know that the smoking man did it and he was very busy because he also knocked off Martin Luther King and Edward Kennedy. But in real life there was many strange facts that pointed to a conspiracy in Kennedy's death. There was that report of a second shooter on the grassy knoll and the fact that Kennedy had tried to assassinate Castro and failed, Why was Oswald the shooter, shot by Ruby? This has never been adequately explained. Aside from Castro being a suspect in the Kennedy assassination, there are conspiracy theories that suggest the CIA, the Nazis that came to this country after from World War II and the mob all had reasons to kill Kennedy, not to mention certain union leaders.

General Reinhard Gehlen is said to have been Hitler's aid on Russian affairs. The story goes on to say that we smuggled him out of Germany at the end of the war with his entire apparatus. We felt he was a tremendous asset because we knew that we were headed toward a war with the Russians, which turned into the cold war The general had managed to move all his files before the Russians got them and they were turned over to the Americans. When he arrived here, it is said that the CIA gave his organization 200 million dollars to set up in this country. He trained a mercenary army that could go into Soviet controlled countries to help insurgents and they were trained at the same place, Atsugi, Japan, that a young marine named Lee Harvy Oswald was stationed, Oswald had also been stationed at a U-2 base and some say Oswald supplied info to the Russians on the flight of Gary Powers the U-2 pilot that was shot down. In 1955 the general and his organization were transferred to West Germany where they formed a mirror image of the CIA. Could Gehlen had enticed Oswald to assassinate Kennedy for some unknown reason? Who can say. He certainly had the apparatus in place that could carry it out. It would have been easy to influence Oswald who by now had visited the Soviet Union and taken a Soviet wife.

Another group that might have wanted to kill Kennedy was the White supremests in the south. Kennedy was just too liberal for them at the time and he was integrating their schools and they were furious over this. Many threats were made by these groups which consisted of hundreds of small organizations, not the least of which was the Ku Klux Klan.

The military was extremely angry at Kennedy because he refused to attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They felt that he was too soft a leader. It could turn out that they were behind the killing. Many joke that Joe DiMaggio did it because he was so jealous of Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy. It was said that not only did John Kennedy have an affair with Monroe but that when he was done with her, he gave her to his brother Robert Kennedy. No one takes the idea of Joe D killing Kennedy seriously.

Why would the CIA have wanted to kill John Kennedy? The story goes this way. The CIA was responsible for the Bay of Pigs Invasion. We all know that it was an utter and complete failure. They had gone to President Kennedy before the invasion and practically begged him for air support but he denied every plea.Was it get even time for them?

Yeah the conspiracy theories on this subject are abundant. Even if one is right that makes several wrong. I think we can rest assured that Oswald was definitely the shooter. Whether there was another or not has never been proved. There is a very good chance that the Cubans or Nazis were behind the plot to kill Kennedy. Other than that, we may never know more than we do right now.

This case is like the Jack the Ripper case. It will go on forever as more and more theories are thought up.

A note to all those interested in this case, you can find all the assassination records in the National Archives. The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated that all assassination-related material be housed in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Here are links to major search areas:

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