Ken's List Of Great Free Software - I Use These Myself

Did you ever want to have a great suite of software programs on your computer, but they were all so expensive that you just couldn't afford it. Maybe you felt that you just wouldn't use some of them enough to make the purchase worthwhile. Well worry about this no more, because I am going to list all the free programs that I use on my computer and provide download links for you. You should really be able to improve your software.

Here is the list of free software that I use with download links:

Firefox – Web browser
Thunderbird – Email software
CoreFTP – FTP upload and download software
Open Office – Office suite in the same class as Microsoft Office
WordWeb – Great dictionary, thesaurus and so much more
Unibrain PDF Xchange Viewer – Simply the best PDF File viewer.
Text to HTML – Creates Html for web pages from plain test.
Atomic Clock Sync – keeps the computer clock correct
Balabolka – Creates audio files from text
MediaJoin – Joins audio files
Infanview – Photo manipulation software
Update Checker – Checks for new versions of your installed software.
AMD OverDrive – CPU changes. Only for computers with AMD PROCESSORS.
Color Cop – Allows you to copy any color from anywhere
Computer Inventory – Lists all software on computer, all hardware and lets you save the lists
DiffDaff – Compares files, folders or web pages
DriveImageXL – Backs up and restore your computer - Free for private use.
Everest Home Edition – get all the particulars of your computer
Gadwin Print Screen – Print any screen from you monitor.
Jzip – Compress and extract files
PC Inspector File Recovery – Recover deleted files. (I haven't tried this yet)
PE Builder – Builds bootable CD from original Windows Disk for use with DriveImageXL - An original Windows CD is needed to build from
Process Explorer – A better program to show what is running
Resizer – Small program to move and manipulate open windows
Revo Uninstaller – Better software uninstaller.
Smart Defrag – Defrags your hard drives more efficiently
Paint.Net – Paint program good enough for most of us
IconEd – Create your own icons for Windows
MrImage – Simple paint program that replaces paint in Windows
Audacity – Great audio file editor.
Anvil Studio – Creates music from keyboard. Fun to play with. For serious music keyboard needed.
FLV Player – Flash movie viewer
QuickTime Player – Plays Apple QuickTime Movies for Windows
Telescope – Search the web using several search engines at once
Advanced SystemCare – Keep your computer in good shape
Open Expert – Uses the mouse context menu to allow you to open files using any program
TotalCopy – Fast copy command
Threatfire – Anti-Virus program made to work with yours at same time to detect more
Unlocker – Lets you delete those locked programs
McAfee – Browser plugin to let you know if sites are safe

Google Pack is a free bundle of software that contains a free copy of Spyware Doctor. I use the commercial version. There is also a free copy of Norton Security Scan, along with several other useful programs. You can download all or only the ones that you want.

There have been many freeware lists over the years that were posted on the Internet. This is a list of programs that I use myself, that I know work. Having said this, every computer is a little different and it could be that a program that has worked for me for years might clash with another on a different computer. That is a worst case scenario, you could always remove it. I hope that you enjoy the programs as I do. By the way if any of these software programs have gone commercial and are charging money, forgive me this sometimes happens.

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