Adam's Bridge

Picture Source: NASA

A strange thing was discovered when NASA was snapping pictures of earth from one of its satellites. An ancient bridge was discovered, linking India and Sri Lanka, a distance of 18 miles. What is even stranger is that there is an Indian legend stating that a bridge was built connecting those two places some 1,700,000 years ago. NASA calls it a sand bar but some think it is the remains of a real bridge.

NASA even gave it the name of a bridge, Adam's Bridge and is made up of chains of shoals. Many believe that because of the bridge's curvature and its composition that it is man made.
An Indian legend called Ramayana, states that 1,700,000 years ago a powerful person called Rama, an incarnation of the supreme being, built a bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately there are many versions of this story.

The above pictures were mostly taken by the space shuttle. NASA calls Adam's Bridge a sandbar that nearly closes the Palk Strait. Could an ancient race have constructed a bridge here? If this feature were found on another planet would it warrant further investigation? If this was found to be a man made bridge it would completely alter the history of the earth.

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