Impossible Ancient Construction

Ancient Tomb

Ancient Tomb, Notice Large Rocks Lifted To Top
Author: William M. Connolley
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We look at the ancients and there are so many contradictions about their civilizations. At first glance it looks like they're all very primitive. We don't find any evidence of television sets, or cars buried with Egyptian Pharaohs. Everything seemed to be pretty simple, but if we take a closer look we realize that something isn't quite right. Some of the accomplishments of these people would be almost impossible to duplicate today, but how can that be. Could a primitive people that didn't seem to have even a machine, have been able to perform tasks that we would be hard-pressed to duplicate? Incredibly, it certainly looks that way. One of the indications that they knew something that we don't know today, is the fact that they were able to lift stones weighing as much as 1000 tons or more on top of other stones when building monuments and temples. Can you imagine us trying to move 1000 ton stones even today? There is a theory that states that they just brought enough people in to lift them, but that would have also been impossible.


Stonehenge. Huge Stone Blocks Placed On Top Of Raised Blocks
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Many believe that either aliens helped move these huge stones into place, or they told us how to do it, or we had discovered some power that enabled us to do it on our own and that this knowledge was lost over the millennia. Supposedly, a German magazine years ago carried the story about a Swedish doctor named Dr. Jarl. It was said that he became friends with a young monk who was a student and from Tibet. Dr. Jarl went to Egypt in 1939 and was summoned from there to Tibet by his friend. Supposedly when he got there, his friend convinced the other monks that even though he was a foreigner, they should let him see what they knew and this was something that no other foreigners had known about. It is said that the Tibetan monks had learned how to move huge stones using sound waves from 19 musical instruments that they set up at a precise distances from the stone they wanted to move. They used 13 drums and six trumpets. Eight of the drums had a width of 1 meter and a length of 1 1/2 meters. Four drums had a width of 7/10 of a meter and were one meter in length. The smallest drum was 2/10 of a meter wide and 3/10 of a meter long. The trumpets were all the same.

Irish Ancient Tomb

An Ancient Irish Tomb With A Large Stone On Top
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Besides the musical instruments playing, the monks were chanting with an ever-increasing tempo. It is said that nothing happened for over 4 minutes and then suddenly the rock started to move and it took off into the air with increasing speed in the direction of where it was needed, which was 250 meters higher it is also said that it took 3 min. to reach that height. Supposedly films were taken of this event, but it is said that Dr. Jarl's employer, a British Society, decided to confiscate them and had them classified. Originally it is said that the society explained that the films would be open to the public in 1990, but perhaps it was felt that they might've had military applications so they remain classified. I know that what I am telling you may sound like nonsense, but the moving of extremely heavy stones occurred again in the United States not that long ago. The coral castle in Florida is an example of some stones weighing over 100 tons that were moved by one individual who claimed he was able to do it with a block and tackle, which is entirely impossible.

Gat Of Coral Castle

Coral Castle's 30 Ton Gate
Author: Christina Rutz
Photo Source: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

It is hard enough to believe that one man could built something from coral blocks weighing this much by himself and to do it in such a way that nobody saw the construction. As if this wasn't unbelievable enough, after the structure was built, he decided to move it, using only an old truck. It took him a few years but he actually did move the structure. There is no doubt that something very strange was going on and today you can go to Florida and see the Coral Castle. Not only did he construct the building structures out of coral, but he built furniture for it out of the same material and there are things like chairs that weigh many tons, tables and other heavy pieces. Many people have gone to the castle to see if they could find out how all this was done, but none of them have succeeded. The castle was constructed by a man named Edward Leedskainin, who was a Latvian American. He was small and slight of build and became heartbroken when his 16-year-old fiancee in Latvia called off the wedding one day before he was to be married. It was said that he had tuberculosis and it was terminal, but supposedly he healed himself stating that he used magnets and they had an affect on his disease. The castle was originally built in 1923, in Florida city, Florida. In 1936 he moved, taking the castle with him. He moved it 10 miles away from Florida City to Homestead, Florida, where he put the castle back together. He died in 1951 still working on parts of the castle. When he was asked how he built the castle he replied,"It's not difficult if you know how."

Coral Castle Yard

View Of The Yard From The Coral Castle. Notice The Heavy Carved Furniture Weighing Many Tons
Author: Christina Rutz
Photo Source: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Apparently that statement seems to be very true I say this because there are so many examples of huge stones that have been lifted and fitted high above the ground, that there has to be a way that existed to do this relatively easily. Sometimes we look at a situation that seems impossible and we think that the solution is very complicated and we say things like, "the aliens must have done it". In truth the method that was used might turn out to be very simple and the problem could be that we just never thought of the correct answer. A lot of work is being done on using sound waves to move objects and science is advancing in this area. While at first a band of monks with drums and musical instruments chanting might look like black magic, there may be a very rational explanation. They may have discovered the exact frequencies that create the force to move an object, if the wave is approaching from the correct distance. The beauty of all of this is that if it does work, no advanced machinery is needed and since the ancients didn't have advanced machinery, this method would be perfect for them.

Having said all this I do wonder about one thing. The Egyptians were great record keepers and so were some of the even more ancient races. I have to wonder why we haven't come across a relief, or a notation, indicating anything about this method? You would think that there might be a drawing in the pyramids somewhere showing a primitive orchestra making just the correct sounds while a block of stone is rising up in front of them. As they say however, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we have no way to explain such structures as the Coral Castle being able to be built in modern times by one man, or any of the ancient megaliths where huge stones were used. What makes all this even more amazing is the fact that this type of thing occurred all over the world, not just in one isolated location, which means that whatever method was used, it must have been common knowledge and it must've been very ancient knowledge. Will it be much longer before sciences are able to give us an exact method to repeat these feats?

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