Did Atlantis Really Exist?


Kicher's Map of Atlantis 1669
Graphic Source: Public Domain

Atlantis, the name has fascinated us for hundreds of years. Explorers have searched just about every ocean and sea on earth trying to find the location of this fabled city/state. When we talk of Atlantis and I have many times, we have to remember that there was never really any proof that it existed. Plato discussed it and said that it was a naval power that laid in front of the Pillars of Hercules and that it had conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa and all this was supposed to have taken place about 9600 BC, according to how he dated it. Originally the places that Plato talked of were considered myths and stories, but then one of the famous places that he had discussed turned out to be real, it was Troy. Wow many people thought, if Troy was real then it was felt that Atlantis must be real also and then began the great hunt.

The story of Atlantis had been known for thousands of years, but it died out during the Middle Ages only to surface again in the Renaissance. Atlantis has become a popular topic and there are at least nine or ten places that have been picked as the possible location of the drowned city. Plato wrote about Atlantis in 360 BC, in a dialogue called Timaeus and Critias, but he never completed Critias. The historical record does not seem to contain hard evidence that would convince scientists that Atlantis did exist, but there are tantalizing bits that could either be evidence of its existence, or just a coincidence. One such piece is a vase with a picture on it that seems to fit the description of the harbor at Atlantis.


Map Of Supposed Atlantian Empire 1882
Graphic Source: Public Domain

Maxine Asher was the co-director of a scientific expedition that reported that they had found Atlantis at the bottom of the ocean and this was reported by United Press International (UPI) and many major newspapers in the United States in 1973. Ruins were found along with large columns and roads with concentric spiral motifs and these ruins were said to be located in the exact place that Plato had described, which was beyond the Pillars of Hercules, off of Spain. The expedition took a strange turn when it had to run to Ireland to escape the Spanish Government which was after them for being spies. Asher claimed that there were murder attempts and she herself had to jump from a moving car to escape kidnappers. When they got to Ireland they dove off the coast trying to prove that ancient Irish megaliths were the work of the Atlantians. On top of all this, Asher stated that she has psychic abilities and that she used them to find Atlantis. What was it she found off the Spanish coast? It seems that there was a ruin, but trying to prove it was actually Atlantis is another story.

There are probably hundreds of ruins under the water near coastlines of countries and the number could run even into the thousands. In many places the coasts extended much further out than they do today. An example of this was seen when a tsunami hit India and the waster first receded before flooding the area. At the point where it receded, there were reports of a temple appearing that had been covered with water and mud. The missing temple had become a mystery over many hundreds of years. There were stories about it, but no one knew if it ever had really existed. One just can not imagine how many times structures were taken over by the sea. The same thing happened in Turkey. A whole seaport was discovered when a tunnel was being dug.

When Plato described Atlantis he stated that it was a continent the size of Africa. It is hard for us to know if Plato knew the actual size of Africa when he made that statement. He said it stretched across what we now call the Atlantic Ocean, but undersea ruins are not only found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is home to ruins also and it is far bigger. Could it be that the reason it looks so big to us is that there was another continent in it at one time and that continent was Atlantis? Have we misinterpreted the location of Atlantis? When Plato spoke of Atlantis he was speaking of some place that was considered ancient even to him. How did he possibly know of its existence? Some say that Plato went to Egypt and he was told about Atlantis by the ancient Egyptians, a race that kept records, but even to the ancient Egyptians, Atlantis would have been ancient and before their time. If Plato knew of Atlantis, it is a mystery how he found out.


Santorini - Notice huge area where island was blown away
Photo Source: NASA

Atlantis, if it existed, could have been located anywhere. Maybe it existed far before Plato expected and is now buried in the Sarah, which some scientists now believe was actually an ocean at one time. Some think that the island of Santorini was where Atlantis was located and when the volcano exploded and blew away most of the island, it sunk Atlantis. The problem with this is that the island seems too small to fit Plato's description. Then there are those that say it was in the North Pole, or in the Bahamas, or somewhere else. There are all sorts of maps that supposedly depict the position of Atlantis. One puts a continent right off the east coast of the United Stated which extends from Maine to Mexico and off the east coast almost to Europe.

There are many stories about places where advanced people lived on earth such as Lemuria and Atlantis and some say that Atlantis might not have even been a place on earth and could have been on Mars and that we all came from that planet when it had to be abandoned. The mythical planet Phaethon aka Maldek was said to have been the area of an exodus to earth also, could Atlantis have been located there? Today the thought of life on earth coming from Mars is not so far fetched. Many believe now that it could have happened. Could it be that we can't find the ruins of Atlantis because they were never on this planet? Think about that for awhile.

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