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Curiosity Mars Rover
Photo Source: NASA

Curiosity, the Mars rover is busy drilling holes into the Martian surface using its contaminated drill. Scientists were furious when they found out the drill bit had not been sterilized. You have to wonder how NASA could make this mistake. This may sound like a tiny mistake but when it comes to planetary exploration it is a huge one. As we drill we deposit more and more Earth microbes into the Martian soil. We have probably changed the planet forever in some way. This may not really mean anything however if we have secretly sent people to the planet. When you think of people in microscopic terms you have to think of bodies which are strewing millions of microbes with every step. People sent to Mars will not be wearing space suits for the entire time. They will be going into structures through airlocks. When they come out the inner airlock the inner atmosphere of the structure will be sent into the outer airlock chamber and when the outer door is opened that atmosphere will bleed out onto the planet with all the associated microbes. There might be a way to avoid this and it is by some disinfecting procedure, but would the military even care about this? I presume the military would be the ones to be in charge of such an expedition and more to the point, the US Navy.

Every indication about a hidden space fleet points to the US Navy and I guess this would make sense. The parallel between space and the oceans of the Earth is stunning. In the early days of seafaring people would take their wind powered boats onto the oceans and seas of this planet. They seemed endless and many a ship never made it back home. The voyages sometimes took years and led to the discovery of many different races of people who were not known about before. Sending spaceships out into the void will mean some voyages will take at least a few years in the beginning. We don’t know what we might find and we have no idea if we will discover intelligent life or not. It seems we probably will. One of the main worries will be contamination. The Europeans carried all sorts of diseases which the Native Americans were not prepared for and they died by the thousands because their bodies didn’t contain the antibodies necessary to fight off these infections. How much worse might an alien bacteria or virus be to us and since we contain so many millions of microbes is it possible just being in the presence of alien life might be harmful to it?


Photo Source: MorgueFile Adapted

Some alien life might be so advanced it has a way of protecting itself from germs and such. Maybe this will be a secret they can share with us, if the drug companies don’t assassinate them first. One of the things you have to wonder about is does a race of intelligent beings get wiser and less corrupt as it ages? So far if we take the human race as an example, the answer would be no, but who knows what we would be like thousands of years from now. Maybe some event might take place which would change us for the better.

When we talk about secret colonization of planets such as Mars, we have to include some of the other planets and objects in space. If we sent people secretly to Mars, chances are we also sent them to the moon. There are also reports which claim we have at least one secret space station which is somehow hidden from view. All this secret stuff is depriving us of our history. What will probably happen is one day we will find out about all or some of this and will have missed the steps which brought us to this point. We know we are capable of space flight because if we look at all the pieces which make up a spacecraft, we have all those in place even without believing we have UFO type vehicles and we did land on the moon. Does anyone really believe we would retire our space shuttle fleet without replacements? Of course we wouldn’t do that. We have been studying all sorts of new propulsion concepts for decades and you can’t tell me we haven’t perfected at least one of them. Traveling in space to the closest objects such as Mars and the Moon is not that hard. A sail can even be used to allow the solar wind to push against it and propel the craft. This is the most primitive way of doing things but it does work.

Nuclear Rocket Engine

NASA Testing Nuclear Engine In 1960s
Photo Source: NASA

SABRE is short for Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine. It is a concept which would allow a rocket to reach orbit in a single stage. The engine is capable of breathing air in the first mode of its two mode operation. The second mode allows the engine to run as a more traditional rocket engine. There are ION engines which keep improving and use electrons to propel a spacecraft once it is in space. They can’t be used on Earth because their thrust is too small. We have been working on nuclear spacecraft engines and there is some evidence available which points to the fact we have gotten some of these craft into the air, but there is no proof I have found which shows they made it into space, but they probably have. These types of vehicles are great at contaminating anything they get near as was unfortunately found out by a couple of women and a child who were in a car when one of these vehicles accompanied by military helicopters got too close. Most people who read these articles already know we have been working on antigravity engines since the late 1930s and we could already have several types as reported by a couple of whistleblowers. Pulse engines have been toyed with for many years and the indications are we have at least one model working. The theory is for explosions a few seconds or less apart go off and push the vehicle. At one time NASA was talking about using small nuclear charges to push a spacecraft. There is nothing like dirtying up space and we are good at this. Scientists are now saying a spacecraft engine could be built using Dark Energy and it could push a spacecraft faster than light speed. The ship would travel in a bubble of space time.

Are we out there? Are we contaminating planets and possible the Moon? Are we dirtying space? While I hope we would care more about what we do to space, I see what we have done to the Earth and I am not hopeful. As to the question of are we out there, I think we are what do you think? Feel free to respond to this question with your reasons pro or con to me by email or through my Facebook page.

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